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  1. Very true. If Mason Co. wins the region, I will be pulling for them all the way at Rupp.
  2. Last year was only a shock to Mason Co. and it fans. Clark Co believed it could win and they proved it.
  3. I am just trying to be optimistic. Mason Co. has been the best all year, but this is March you know.
  4. Crossing my fingers for a Mason-Montgomery first round game.
  5. The 10th Region tournament title won't be handed to Mason Co. If I was Mason, I wouldn't want Montgomery in the first round. George Rogers Clark is the defending 10th Region champion until they are beaten on the court.
  6. Honestly, is Clark Co. a serious threat to repeat as region champion?
  7. I have a question for Gold Sunrise. When is the draw for the 10th Region tournament?
  8. The crowd wasn't as big as I thought it would be. It should be another great 10th Region tournament!
  9. An absolute great win for Clark Co. I was at the game tonight and was really impressed. I expected a much closer game. I wonder if Mason is shocked by this one?
  10. Great job GRC!! Free throw shooting today was "not good". Good Luck against Ballard!! Let's continue the march for the 10th!!
  11. What time are you leaving in the morning varsity card? I will be attending the first game as well. I am getting really excited.
  12. Thanks Gold Sunrise!! GO CARDS!! Can't wait until thursday!!
  13. That is a very interesting point Lady Bear Mom!! I am sure the Lord will be watching out for both teams. Anyways, GO CARDS!!
  14. Hey Gold Sunrise!! When is the pep rally and parade? I would like to attend. I was the first person in Clark County to purchase the 10th region champions shirt last wednesday at All Sports. I was waiting on them when they got back.
  15. I think that I will go with Clark County in this one. Look for Evan Bennett to keep contributing. He is the X factor for the cards!!
  16. Thanks sfan!! It is nice to be welcomed to the board. I have been a long time cardinal fan. Go Cards!!
  17. Clark County is in from the 10th!! GO CARDS!!
  18. Congratulations to the 10th Region Champion George Rogers Clark Cardinals!! I had confidence in you all the way!! Represent the 10th well in Rupp!! This is the first time that Clark County has been to the Sweet Sixteen since 1990. My older brother played on that team. The 1990 team went all the way to the state semifinals before losing to Covington Holmes. Those were some good Clark County teams back then. Good luck to the current Clark County team though. I will be there supporting you all the way decked out in my red and white.
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