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  1. I am always pulling for Mayfield, but I still consider them the third best team behind LCA & Beechwood. I have seen 3 of Mayfield's 5 games in person, and the other two on Red Helmet Club broadcast. I haven't seen anything on LCA, and have only seen highlights of Beechwood vs Cov Cath game. Based on my OPINION, LCA seems to be the most complete team and has had the toughest schedule, hands down. They have had some eye opening wins that I don't think Mayfield or Beechwood would have pulled off. Beechwood has the best player at the most important position. The QB is ridiculou
  2. I know that's usually how it goes. Beechwood may very well be the better team. I just think LCA gets the nod with their strength of schedule compared to Beechwood. Comparing scores doesn't always tell the story, but LCA has Lex Cath this week, who beat Cov Cath earlier in the year, and that's who Beechwood has. Those outcomes might give us more insight. HUGE Friday coming up for the top two.
  3. I agree with putting LCA in front as they have had statement wins the past two weeks and looking to make it a third. Beechwood keeps scoring tons of points and seem to have the most potent offense. Mayfield QB played his best game last week and keeps getting better every game. That's Mayfield's biggest hurdle to catching the top two. If he can keep elevating his play that will keep them in the race.
  4. I agree with this assessment. If Mayfield would've beat Murray in the playoffs, I think the semi-final result would have been the same. Can't speak to the entire rosters of the top three teams, but Beechwood and LCA both have much better QB play than Mayfield, and I don't think that has changed this year. Mayfield QB has played much better so far this season compared to last, but I don't know if the improvement will be enough to hang with the top two. District wise, I don't think Caldwell will be a factor this year, but Mayfield will have to beat Murray twice to even get to play one of the
  5. No other team in the region wants to beat Mayfield as bad as McCracken does. They will be fired up and Mayfield gets their best shot every year. I consider McCracken a wounded animal this coming Friday and Mayfield will have their hands full. This game is always a good measuring stick for Mayfield's depth. Luckily they are at home. Murray would be the most dangerous game left if Mayfield wins Friday, but first things first...
  6. Definitely a little of both going on here. I didn't give Graves their due, thinking their offensive line wouldn't hold up against McCracken (I was obviously way wrong), but its possible that McCracken was overrated coming into the season. We shall see. Graves has a chance to serve up a lotta crow this season.
  7. Pretty good quality, visually. I would like for the guys calling the game to use player names (instead of nicknames, which I don't know), as well as add in some down/distance and game information along the way more frequently. I should be able to start watching at any point and get a situation update within 5 minutes. Maybe I am being picky. I will say, I'm very appreciative of those guys doing that. Its nice to have game access without being able to attend.
  8. And McCracken easily has a better defensive front than either Mayfield or PT. It will be interesting for sure. I'll be pulling for Graves, but I think McCracken comes out on top.
  9. I agree. Graves offensive line will be exposed. They won't have time to throw the ball to Grant.
  10. More often than not, the champ stays on top until they have been beaten, but I would flip the first two. The LCA win over Boyle pushes them to #1 for me. Now, the next three game slate for LCA are Belfry, CAL, and Lex Cath. We will see where they stand after those three rounds. It does appear that Beechwood has the tougher remaining schedule of the top two. I think Mayfield is the third best. You could interchange Danville and Murray. I couldn't begin to tell you who deserves 6.
  11. The streak has to break sooner or later. I think PT has as good a chance this year as any. The fact that they are throwing the ball better than they have in a long time is a huge boost. They will need to be able to throw the ball to beat Mayfield. They have been able to score well this year, but they haven't been able to lean on their run game. They have given up quite a few points this year as well. I saw Mayfield play Graves in person, but couldn't make the Hoptown game and watched it later on Facebook Live. They impressed me with their toughness last week. They played solid defe
  12. Updates would be appreciated. I couldn’t make the game.
  13. They are near even going head to head over the last 5 years or so. Both teams have big play receivers. I think it will boil down to who can get the most stops on D. We know if Graves can open some holes they have a RB that can make plays. Not sure about PT.
  14. Sounds like this will be a battle of defenses. Mayfield run game gives them an edge. They minimized the damage from Graves' star receiver last week. Maybe they can do the same this week. Mayfield by a field goal. Mayfield 27 Hoptown 24
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