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  1. Hazard will win. No hazard dont go as hicks goes. Remember wolfe co hicks had 35 hazard lost. Not to take anything way from hicks hes great but hazard dont go as hicks goes.
  2. Hazard was the only team in the region to play any D last season, and they are returning Matt Williams the best D player last year. Justin Hicks isn't that bad on Defense as well.
  3. Yeah, the right people like Coach Morris in Hazard. So maybe hazard will be happy now but they'll never find another coach to do what Coach Spurlock did in 4 years.
  4. Cox - JBS Hicks - Hazard Hurt - Cordia Bailey - Perry Collins - JBS
  5. The Lady Bulldogs will the sleeper of the 14th region. They have 2 or 3 players that have been playing since 8th grade and are now ready to back to their winning ways. They will be returning 6 of their top 7 players. The Lady Bulldogs will be led by Sr. Brittani Slone and Sp. Ashley Hall. Slone and Hall will make up most of the bulldogs scoring. Molly Maggard and Candice Combs will be the role playing on this team. Maggard and Combs are great on the boards and can score around the goal. Slone, Hall, Maggard, and Combs will be the big players for the Lady Dawgs. They will be looking to return too the All "A" State and make a run for a region title.
  6. 1)Perry Co. 2)Knott Co. 3)Hazard 4)Letcher 5)Leslie Co. Hazard will be the sleeper. They return Slone, Hall, and Combs. Three big players for last years team.
  7. 1)Hicks - Hazard 2)Stepp - JBS 3)Bariley - PCC 4)Brandenburg-Lee Co 5)Cox - JBS 6)Hurt - Cordia 7)Kelly - PCC 8)Gay - Buckhorn 9)Berryman - Estill 10)Williams - Hazard
  8. This has been a game that people have been waiting for, its going to be a great game.
  9. Can't wait to see Hazard and Estill play in Region.
  10. Yeah, Wright has done a great job, but What about Coach Spurlock from Hazard, turning his team around mid-way in the season from losing 6 of their first 10, to winning the 14th region. But anyways Good Job to both Coach Wright and Coach Spurlock.
  11. Brittani Slone and Ashley Hall will be back for hazard
  12. 1-JBS 2-Hazard 3-Perry Co. 4-Lee Co. 5-Knott co. 6-Estill Co. 7-Breathitt Co. 8-Jackson City 9-Buckhorn 10-Leslie Co.
  13. Justin Hicks quit baseball and that hurt the Bulldogs.
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