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  1. Pretty good pitcher with quiet a bit of movement. They like to slap hit a lot and I stress a lot. Very aggressive on the bases. Very sound defensively.
  2. A week or so ago I witnessed an unassisted triple play during softball if that counts. Bases loaded and no outs and the batter hits a line drive toward second base. The 2nd baseman caught the ball, stepped on 2nd base to tag that runner out, and the runner from 1st done some bad base running and the 2nd baseman tag the runner out. I am pretty sure this doesn't happen often.
  3. Are these just predictions or is this really going to happen? Why would Harlan County be pulled to the 14th? I can see Jenkins being sent to the 15th but not Letcher. It makes so much more sense. As for Perry and Hazard coming into the 53rd. I don't see that happening because that would put the top 3 teams in the region year in and year out in the same district. They need to just send the 56th district completely out of the 14th. Send them packing to the Winchester area. If the get rid of the 56th they should bring Allen Central, South Floyd and Prestonsburg into the 14th.
  4. The boys is seeded. The girls were not this year however they did vote to seed next year. The 53rd is like the 54th. The boys in the 54th blind draw as do the girls in the 53rd. Were as the boys in the 53rd and the girls in the 54th are smart and seed.
  5. In the 53rd Knott Central was placed up against Letcher Central. The winner then faced June Buchanan. Three of the top teams in the region had to play each other in the first and second rounds. Which sent one of the worst teams in the region to the regional tournament.
  6. Braxton Ratliff went down in the first half with a knee injury. Everyone please keep him in your prayers. I wish you a fast recovery Braxton!
  7. An assist is awarded to a player when a pass is made which allowed a person to score and no dribble was used by the receiver.
  8. Hazard and Perry Central are/were so intense that the Hazard School Board has elected to NEVER play a Perry County school during the regular season. Only during tournaments will they play.
  9. I know what the young lady is going through. With hard work and dedication she will be back in no time. I had ACL surgery in April.
  10. Teams 1. Breathitt 2. Letcher Central 3. Knott Central 4. Leslie 5. Perry Central 6. Powell County 7. Hazard 8. June Buchanan 9. Jenkins 10. Cordia Players 1. Kendall Noble, Breathitt 2. Kendra McFarland, Powell County 3. Sharaye Kincer, Letcher Central 4. Brittany Sexton, Letcher Central 5. Ashley Hall, Hazard 6. Brittany Haddix, Breathitt 7. Hillary Moore, Leslie 8. Sammy King, Knott Central 9. Cindy Kilburn, Perry Central 10. Maris Hovee, June Buchanan
  11. With the graduation of Mosley Knott must first find someone who can they can count on to handle the ball. They have the talent to compete night in night out but they must learn to play together with a new leader guiding them. They must keep everyone healthy. With the return of King, Conley, Pratt, Shandra Thomas, Natasha Slone, and Kendra Thomas from her knee injury Knott County should be right near the top all year long. Coach Amburgey will have his girls ready. They got a taste of what it's like to be so close yet so far away from their dreams.
  12. How did Clint Stepp do from June Buchanan?
  13. UofL was overnight as well. Knott Central played in it.
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