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  1. The ladycats played a good team game moved the ball well and were quick on "D" they were leading at the half by 6 they lost by 8, the only thing that seems to be a weak spot is foulshooting, they have games were they are good from the line and others were they just can not buy one from the stripe.
  2. Friday night Pendleton 56 Deming 32 Saturday night Pendleton 38 Bourbon 50
  3. Pendleton won by 22 against Deming then came back and lost to Bourbon by 12 on Saturday ( Deming had beat Bourbon in their first game I believe) the girls came at flat and never could get on track no pressure on D and could not make foul shots. There were to many spectators on Defense.
  4. What camps will your team be attending if any?, and has the gas price changed where your are going?
  5. Pendletons JV team with some other girls will be in a league in Boone Cty? Where are you playing Lunatic1?
  6. Taking a look at your team right now how do you think they will fair next year.Lets have some fun with this. I think Montgomery is the team to beat in the 10th they should be strong again. District wise Pendleton Bracken Scott any could come away with a District Title What do you think?
  7. What coaches do you find fun to watch during and even after a game? How they work their team to perform to their best and play with heart. My favorite coach to watch and talk to is Coach Doyle for the Deming Lady-devils, he coaches with emotion and heart just like how he gets his players into a game, great man to talk to and just cares about the kids. I don't know how he keeps from loosing his voice. :ylsuper:
  8. In a game this week on a drive to the basket there was a hard foul that forced the player to drop the ball which the opposing team picked up and took the other way, the reason a call was not made the official could not find her whistle she raised her arm to make the call but did have the whistle, so she just let it go, and let the game go on. :eek:
  9. Same offical, one play on the baseline the other on the wing.
  10. The one problem that I see a lot is not only the difference in how calls change from game to game, but how calls change from end to end. In a game last night during a scramble for a loose ball a player was stiff armed to the ground and no call, then the next time down the floor a touch foul is called, now when the first play happened the ref just smiled at the crowds reaction to the no call. We know that no one is perfect but how about just being somewhat consistent. The problem is that if rough play is unchecked in some of these dives for loose balls players are not even going for the ball they are just diving into the pile it looks more like a Rugby scrum that basketball. I would hate to lose a top player because of foul that should have been called before it went to far and got a player hurt.:scared:
  11. What if any means can complaints be filed about poor officals? Can AD's file complaints or is this done by assigning sec. observation or is this done at all?
  12. What do you think? This is senior night for Pendleton looking for win to send the Seniors out, Has been an up and down year, wanting to finish on a high note heading to Tourney. time. :dancingpa
  13. Thanks LBBC. When I heard that I did think it was that easy to just switch from one school to another.
  14. I heard someone say that they could leave a school (v player) and transfer and play for another school in the same year is this correct?:confused:
  15. Pendleton rolls "68" to "25", the girls looked good after a slow start, hope it keeps rolling for Saturday against the Fillies.
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