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  1. UK will make the Big Dance!!!! Only because UK brings in the Money and with a slumping economy I really couldn't see how UK wouldn't be dancing in March.
  2. When Ronald Steele was playing for Alabama early this year Gee got no attention what so ever. When people talked about Alabama they would talk about Ronald Steele. Now that he is hurt people are seeing how good of player Alonzo Gee really is.
  3. After watching todays Uk and Alabama game, I think that Alonzo Gee is a very underrated player. I was just wondering who do you all think is the most underrated player in the SEC?
  4. Yea i checked on the girl from Wolfe and Stamper had 39!!!
  5. She has mono and will be out for up to two weeks or even longer.
  6. Any stats on this game? I heard one player from Wolfe scored 39 points is this true?
  7. Second round of the All "A" played at June Buchanan The Lady Owls played a great game and came out on the short end of the stick. Peyton Wright stoled the ball with 5 seconds remaining in regulation and hit a layup to force the game into overtime. Great game by the Lady Owls as they are still without their leading scorer Mika Turner.
  8. Big win for the Lady Owls. A big confidence booster to get a win without your leading scorer and one of the top players in the region. The last i heard is that Mika will be back in at least 2 weeks but with an illness like mono who knows. Hope Mika gets to feeling better.
  9. After Kurt retires from the NFL do u think he will be making a trip to Canton?
  10. Hope and pray that Arizona wins it, just because i am and Bengals fan and hate seeing the Steelers win anything.
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