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  1. I really didnt notice Earls last year when they played leslie what excatly did he do? I know the Leslie's Running back seemed to over shadow what ever performace that earls had. And that is without question!!!
  2. Good game a real shootout. Just what i expeceted i guess all the hype is true about those red hot jackets
  3. Wow didnt really see it being that much of a difference.
  4. I will take breathitt only because there O line. They are a solid team with more than just athletes. Good luck both teams
  5. Leslie County's very on C.J. Howard "the mouth of the South" He brings a lot of spirit to all home games and is very well known in eastern kentucky.
  6. Questionable calls Are u kidding that could have been the dumbest statement ever said on BGP. Leslie has never got calls given to them, either at home or away. Try to back a statement like that up. IF U CAN :confused: :confused:
  7. Sounds like a good game for both teams. I think that SC will be ready come region play like they were last year. BUT Give credit were its due and thats to Pburg for a great, and hard nosed Team.
  8. Good Game to both.. Yes even with Bells "messed up Offense" Leslie's D stepped up big. I know that THE GREAT HOUNDS OF CORBIN allowed more points than Leslie and Corbin played them earlier in the season when O should have improved each week. AS for bell good running backs Prolly the fastest and strongest in the Mountains. They should do good in District Play.
  9. Will this even be a game? i know that Leslie has lost two this year, one being to NL and the other Grant County. Dont know much about Bell County besides that they are BELL COUNTY!! Anyone got any info on them and, what will the score look like late friday night. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. Im glad cawood has your approval. Good Job Jackets and good luck this season.
  11. Dont really know for sure who will win but i think its about time for PCC to ge one so i will take them by three td's
  12. If they continue this kind of play they may have a decent season in front of them.
  13. WOW MIDDLESBORO seems to be on the right track for a Region Championship Good Luck ALL STARS
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