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  1. All things considered,IMO, the condition of the field is secondary to the way that the game is being officiated!
  2. Mike Holcomb may not be as consistant year in and year out. When you have a smaller school and cannot get the transfers that some of the other schools appear to be able to get, you have to develope the local talent which is a sign of a really good coach!!!!!! 42 wins & 0 losses over a stretch of three years, three state Championships with three different quarterbacks, IMO, takes some pretty good coaching.
  3. Breathitt has the Offensive tools and I expect that Coach Chapman has refined the Defensive game. The first game was a defensive struggle with Breathitt coming out on top and I expect the playoff game to be the same. Breathitt County 21- Leslie County 14.
  4. Really greaat game. The young Bobcats kept pace with the experienced yellowjackets through most of the game, although I'd rather have seen a better defensive effort on their part. Middlesboro was the better team and deserved to win:thumb:
  5. Breathitt Seniors are firing on all cylinders also, we just don't have many of them.:thumb:
  6. I agree but I don't expect as much scoring as you. IMO, it will be more like 22 to 18 Bobcats. But we I would be satisfied with a 6 to 0 score.
  7. I voted for Jimmy Carter simply because he was not like the other Washington Democrats and because Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon. Carter could not get down to earth things through a LIBERAL congress who appeared to hamstring him. I still think he's a good man, I just wish he'd keep his mouth shut!!!!!
  8. My parties Liberal constituents in Congress will keep on bringing up things until something turns out to be true, I'm fairly sure. However their batting record on having somthing that they've picked up and ran with is pretty dismal. 1 The George Bush didn't complete his Air National Guard Service cry floundered miserably. 2 Getting either Cheney or Rove ousted for outing "A CIA AGENT" also failed miserably even though it was announced that there would be an indictment at any time. 3 Blaming Donald Rumsfield for the Sunnis and Shiites killing each other over a religious disagreement and wanting him either to resign or be replaced makes about as much sense as some of them saying we blue up the twin towers on September 11, 2001. After the accusations have been proven to be false, I cannot remember one time when the Congressional Democrats came out with "We Were Wrong!!!"
  9. Should be a real game next Friday night!!!!!!! Breathitt improves to 7 & 1, 2 & 0 in the District.
  10. Breathitt wins the Defensive battle against the Eagles with only 1 yard 84 pass play at the end of the first half. Both defenses appeared to have played a pretty good game.
  11. The score is not indicative of this game. Cawood played a great defensive game and was scoreless until late in the second quarter. Breathitt finally went up by two touchdowns with PAT's. Cawood's quarterback scored on a rushing play to bring the score to 14 - 7. Breathitt buckled down on defense and wore the Trojans down late in the fourth quarter.
  12. This kind of reminds me of the great comic (I can't remember his name) that said "You'd better watch a man that says he's boss at his house because he'll lie about other things also". Just kidding, please don't take me serious.
  13. This is more like it, IMO, Western is the better of the teams listed at this time.
  14. Hearld appeared to impress one of the WYMT announcers when he made the statement "someone should be trying to give this young man a scholarship".
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