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  1. Our secondary is very good. We wont have to double him.
  2. The Titans know and that's what matters. Are you going to be at the game friday night?
  3. You have no idea who corey jackson is do you? I guarantee you the Ocath staff does.
  4. No, I'm talking about corey jackson for Mercer. You will see.
  5. It's not gonna happen. Will you be at the game friday?
  6. It aint gonna happen. Like stated earlier they are not going to like what they see or feel friday night.
  7. You will see the fastest white boy friday night. #2!
  8. You can say that Russell/Belfry is the true AA state title game if you want. But if the winner has to play Mercer and they lose to Mercer will you feel like a champion? The champion is the team who wins their last game of the season. Mercer has competed in AA all year.
  9. I think OC will dress as many kids as we will.
  10. I expect OC to come out swinging. I expect a highly competitive game.
  11. That isn't a record you go for as a team. Mercer has not ran the score up on anyone all year. I guarantee you this record means nothing to Coach Jaggers.
  12. It will be tough. First, we need two games. Secondly, if we are lucky enough to get the two games it will come against some tough kids. I'll take two wins! Records are meant to be broken. A title is somthing you will always have.
  13. We would have been 3A. Just wanted to clear that up.
  14. I don't think he will have the stomach for it. He gets car sick anyways.
  15. I will be pulling for Russell here. I hope you guys win. You all have a great tradition down there.
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