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  1. http://www.dereksmithallstars.org/shootout/forms/shootoutschedule2007.pdf
  2. They may not have the same stats but shelby valley has some very good freshmen players.
  3. Congratulations to both teams on a really good game.
  4. Tate Cox and the Boys from Shelby Valley need to be on that list.
  5. Who in your opinion are the best freshmen statewide.
  6. Here are some of the best fresmen around. Tate Cox,Ashley Hatfield,Taylor Newsome, Ilajah Justice(misspelled), Logan Bryant. While not all of these guys have flashy stats they took their teams to far.
  7. Im tired of only people from lexington and louisville making the rankings. List the best players in the mountains.
  8. Who are the better players in the 14th region. Freshman Sophmore.....
  9. This doesnt mean that it has to be two 14th region teams that were playing each other.
  10. Tate Cox and Ashley Hatfeild are 2 very good freshman.
  11. I sort of agree with you. But both of the gaurds average several steals and Collins averaged around 3 blocks. An I have seen Cox play great defence in a box and 1
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