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  1. If they play at Holy Cross it will be a positive for Holly Cross. I know that Holly Cross has avery good team this year but I don't care how good a team is if you play Mayfield at Mayfield espically in the playoffs you got to know how to beat them at home. Mayfield is a very tough place to play and come away with a win espically during the playoffs.
  2. How do we say this? Aw yeah the D is back. Danville 35 Somerset 14.
  3. Stay focused, Work hard in weight room, stay healthy and continue to come to gather as a team and develop that "never say die attitude"
  4. Let me ask you this question how does a former radio announcer and a cop have the creditability to be coaching at Danville. I wondered this all year. Isn't that just wasting a coaching postion when Danville can obvisously go any where in the state and bring them in to fill his spot. Just a head scratcher.
  5. And to you Mr. Rebel he won one big game so go ahead and jump on to the Larry French band wagon. You will be real disappointed when it comes title time next year.
  6. I believe that great defense of your alls gave up 40 some points to Loan Oak in the state championship. Once again Larry French almost threw away another big game. Did you see the number Resse put up I believe he was the offense. Your alls quarterback or recievers were not very good. Well atleast your quarterback wasn't very good. I mean all he had to do was turn around and give it to reese. Take Reese off of that team last year and you all don't make it out of the second round of the playoffs. Then you all get beat by Bell if he's not on the team. Reese did his thing and was the team.
  7. Will already had scholarship offers. Plus Danville will miss Will next year but last years team was junior and sophomore dominated. Danville always finds a way to replace some one who is missing Danville has had 3 bad years compared to Danville's standards and everyone thinks their reign is over. If people don't remember Boyle county had 3 or 4 bad years in a row and they win one state championship and everyone thinks they are back and Danville is done. Well if you all haven't realized reese was that team last year and no one will be able to replace them. There will be no state championship at
  8. Coach Perry is a former Garrad County coach. I don't believe that would have any thing to do with him leaving to go to Boyle and play.
  9. It's a rival and this game is always good. Isn't there a saying going around Boyle County larry French can't win big games.
  10. To stop the bell or any options you must play assingment football which. Which means d line must squezze to keep o linemen from ripping getting to your linebackers. By doing this you free up your linebackers to make plays. You usually assign linebackers to different guys in the option. Lets say your running the tripple your playside d tackle is usually left unblock as a read key. This means he takes the full back on the dive. Which then means you take your sam and let him take pitch and this leaves your d-end taking quarterback. In the belly you would probably do the same with having your d ta
  11. Things are looking up for Iroquois. They finally have a head coach who cares about both the team and football in coach norman.They have had several kids come out for weight lifting and are loaded with athletes and speed. I have also heard that they have hired some very good assistant coaches who are fired up about the upcoming season. The main thing that coach Norman and his staff will have to do is get the kids to believe in one another and work on the mental aspect of the game but from what I know if they can keep everyone interested and on the team the talent is there.:ylsuper::ylsuper:
  12. Rumor has it that Todd Harris could very well be back.
  13. Corbin's out at the Pigskin Classic. You play two years and then they bring in 3 new teams. Now since Boyle has been added to the mix I guess they will bring in 2 new teams every two years.
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