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  1. To have Bowling Green fans come on here and question the coaching of BG is laughable. You guys are spoiled. You have top notch coaching. One day you may not, so don't take these years for granted. Owsley was limited due to an injury he suffered in the 2nd quarter i believe. While he wanted, and could've taken on more, the OHS coaching staff absolutely did the right thing by protecting their player. As for the game, BG is a solid, well oiled machine. Buchannon is the truth, but I think the Dingle kid is 10 times better than his brother. Tisdale is as advertised, which i already knew. I've been watching him since the 7th grade. I'm happy that he's getting his offers. Outside of a dropped pass in the 3rd or 4th quarter, BG didn't make many mistakes. OHS is a really good football team. Last week against Catholic was one of those games you just cant explain. Bad everything equaled a loss against a team that was playing lights out. OHS corrected some personel issues, and is showed tonight. OHS came up empty in the BG red zone a few times, which ultimately decided the outcome of the game. I'm not into moral victories, but rest assured, OHS isn't the team they can be if everyone stays committed. I think the tide is about to turn in this series and I know BG folks will laugh at that, and I dont blame you at all. I admire the Purples success, but the Devil have committed to a good scheme that fits OHS' athletes. Congrats BG. I'm looking forward to seeing the result of the BG-South Warren matchup because the Spartans have been destroying everyone and I want to see if they are indeed that good. I think they may be, but nothing like a Purple test to see if it holds up. OHS meanwhile will get a solid test versus a Daviess County team that has more team speed than they've had in school history. If OHS plays like they did against BG they'll be fine. If OHS plays like they did against Catholic, they'll lose. It's that simple
  2. Has Will Warren from Owensboro not been invited?
  3. Here in Owensboro, we have two really solid college prospects. Daviess County's Joey Cambron and Owensboro's Will Warren.
  4. I never said a kid was a schools property. I stated that I wished kids would stay in their feeder. I know that’s not realistic and I’m ok with it. I pointed out Trinity because it was the easiest example. Not hating, it’s just the way it is. Everyone else needs to step up their approach. Schools like BG have. All facets gotta be top notch.
  5. Let me say, I don’t like it. Ideally, i wish every kid would stay in their respective school and feeder system but that just doesn’t happen. I think it’s becoming the norm across the state for kids to seek the best opportunity. And I know the R-word is a bad word on BGP, but if everyone will be honest for a second, many programs have been doing it directly or indirectly for a while. Like in Louisville, it’s open season on middle school athletes. It’s rare for a kid to stay in their feeder. Trinity has been pooching top JCPS kids for a while and again, I’m not chastising but it’s the way it is. I think programs around the state have wised up and started to consolidate or concentrate talent in their area to one particular school. I also think more programs are taking football serious and that means facilities, coaches, and players. Out in the state, feeder development is at an all time high. It has to be to compete with a Jefferson County school in a title game. At the end of the day football is a dog eat dog game and business. The top dogs are eating feasts and we’ll find out how hungry the rest of the dogs are over the next few years
  6. Congrats Tanner but I will never, ever say, Roll Tide in a good way. Don’t fault him but it’s hard to build something when kids keep leaving the state
  7. Owensboro wrapped up their spring practice last Thursday. Check out what coach Jay Fallin had to say below: OHS coach Jay Fallin talks spring football – Homers Radio Network
  8. Apollo wrapped up their spring practice on Friday with their Blue-White game. Check out what new coach Phil Hawkins had to say: Apollo coach Phillip Hawkins talks spring progress – Homers Radio Network
  9. If anyone wants to hear what coach Morris had to say, check out his interview on the Homers Show. Morris' interview takes place right at the beginning of the show: Homers Show 3-21-18 – Homers Radio Network
  10. As far as I can go back, Catholic has not had a coach like Riley. I do know that Catholic had some very good teams back in the 70's and 80's. But Tim Riley is a next level type of coach. I honestly think Riley could coach college basketball and be successful. Catholic really lucked into Tim Riley because of Riley retiring from the public system. It's remarkable the level of coaches that David Blanford has been able to get at Owensboro Catholic. Tonight is going to be a war. Catholic is 4-0 against Apollo, and I'd still say that Apollo is better. However, you can't argue with 4-0. It's difficult to beat a good team multiple times in a year, and that's what Catholic will have to do tonight. OHS beat Bowling Green 3 times in 2015, twice during the regular season and once in the state championship. It's gonna be fun!
  11. 74Devil, sometimes in high school sports, teams come together in a way that can only be described as magical. I've seen it a few times in my lifetime: 2006 Apollo basketball, 2009 OHS baseball, 2015 OHS baskeball, 2016 Daviess County Soccer, and a few others that escape my memory. Apollo has that look this year. 1-5, they can match up with about any team in Kentucky. IF Apollo was to win tonight and face CovCath at state, I honestly believe they'll have a shot. But to have that shot, Apollo MUST stay out of foul trouble. Malik and Corey Wilson (no relation obviously lol) come off the bench, but in VERY limited roles. There is no scoring off the bench that Apollo can rely on. However, the way Apollo is playing on offense right now, I'm not sure how you stop it. Apollo shot nearly 60% against Ohio County, and they're able to get to the free throw line with their big guards driving the lane. James Graham has gone from a kid that was a complete afterthought, to a kid that I honestly believe could play low level D1 basketball. Hayden Shelton is going to Memphis to play for Tubby Smith (if he doesn't get fired) and Nathan Boyle is a low level D1 play IMO. Alex Gray will be a great fit at an NAIA program like Brescia and Angel Saldana is a great athlete at PG. If Apollo can control the temp, keep shooting well, and James Graham can stay out of foul trouble, this Apollo team is flat scary 1-5. I was teasing Doug Denton (a member of Apollo's 2006 state runner up team) about this team having the same look and he said "we didn't have a guy like James Graham inside. Right now, nobody does. Apollo is legit. Having said that, Catholic has Tim Riley, so who knows what will happen
  12. Championship game will be broadcast here: Homers Radio is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share live audi...
  13. It's been a couple weeks now since Apollo upset OHS, and no, I'm not over it, but I've had the privilege of broadcasting the boys and girls 3rd region tourney games for Homers Radio. Here are some observations: 1-As far as boys are concerned, this may be the worst 3rd region field (teams out side the 9th) that I've ever seen. Apollo and Catholic have cake walked to the finals. 2-The girls tournament was fun and balanced, mainly because the region was good. Muhlenberg, Edmonson, and Breck had really good teams. 3-Owensboro Catholic girls are a machine. They're all about 6 foot tall, wear their hair the same, and play the same. It's like they build robots lol. 4-The Sportscenter has done a good job with timeout entertainment. Half Court shots, trivia, karaoke are lots of fun for crowd involvement. 5-Ohio County has won the best crowd hands down. Eagle Nation from Hartford literally filled half the Sportscenter 6-Shame on the students for not getting out to support the girls. 7- Sportscenter ice cream is the GOAT. Rupp isn't even close 8- OHS and DC are still the best two teams in the region. Don't @ me. 9- Apollo has the look of a special team. Talent wise, they've scared me all year and now they're showing why. 2006 could be happening again 10- I'm unbelievably blessed to able to to broadcast these games, get to know the coaches, the players, and interact with the 3rd Region fans. Steve and I were just guys in the bleachers about 5 years ago, and now we're getting to live a dream. Thank all of you!!! 10.5- Gimmie Apollo over Catholic in a war!
  14. That's exactly right. Madisonville will provide OHS with a very tough test tonight. Maroons go 6-9 and 6-6 and that kind of size is trouble for anyone. Bosse is legit. That is gonna be a wild one on Friday! You should come out to Legends Sports Bar on Wednesday for the Homers Live Show. We'll have free ticket giveaways from the Thoroughbreds, Dinger Fest, and have Cory Gardner and Deonte Douglas from OHS on
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