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  1. I just wanted to point out what a fantastic story this former BG Running back is having. He started the year on the Navy JV team and has exploded since then. Last night vs Houston he had 200+ all purpose yards and 5 TDs, the most ever by a Navy RB.
  2. I think Cov Cath could easily hang with Male or Trinity. Other than that I don’t see anyone else winning it. My picks would go 1. Male 2. Trinity 3. Cov Cath
  3. I agree, they’re definitely a great defensive team. But, the play calling seems to have taken a step back this game. Reminds me a lot of the FR game, except this defense is much better.
  4. The ridiculously conservative play calling in big games really irritates me. I don’t think that’s the only reason they can’t score, but it’s definitely not helping.
  5. Everyone talks about Mayer but Cov Cath’s QB is playing outstanding.
  6. I’ll take Trinity 35-7, I think it’ll be relatively close at halftime though. Maybe 7-0 or 7-7.
  7. Bowling Green has all the old players show up, who can, corner bakery cookies and hit chocolate. The two times I got to be apart of it were some of the most memorable parts of my highschool football career.
  8. I agree, road playoff games aren’t a huge deal as the team who’s better most likely wins. I just think the system needs a bit of work.
  9. It also makes people not want to play out of state. It also doesn’t factor in the points in the loss, if BG lost to T by 1 or 49 it wouldn’t matter. It’s just not a good system. You’re crippling your teams’ RPI by not playing cupcake teams and putting yourself in games you may or may not win. But if you don’t play those, you aren’t ready for big games.
  10. RPI is flawed in my opinion. Bowling Green played a much tougher schedule than South Oldham, and had to travel 2 hours to them. Even though Bowling Green was clearly the better team last night. South Oldham played a cupcake schedule and had a much higher RPI than Bowling Green. They should've just used Calpreps if they were gonna use a ranking system, but any computer ranking won’t be perfect.
  11. The defense has been great, but the returning, coverage and blocking punts and field goals in big time moments have been huge. Teams try to kick it away from the athletes and it ends up in another athletes hands and gives them great field position. That teamed up with the great defense is what makes the team special, the defense is just as good if not better, but those two together have been a force in both SW games.
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