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  1. Bagged my 2 birds. One on opening day at Peabody & the other on the 17th in Webster Co. 27,073 birds tagged in this season. Lookin to fall season now!:dancingpa:dancingpa
  2. Saddened to read of the Loss of Apollo's football player. Thoughts & prayers go out to his family, friends & the school.
  3. Henderson needs to win a state title or 2 to get interest up there to get kids to come out. Not going to happen in 6-A. Its always the same thing every year here, a few skilled players and for evrery skilled player at Hendo, the Trinitys, Males, Stx, & Dupont Manuels have one at every position, 2 deep many times, going only one way. Not knocking the ville schools, but thats the way it is at a county school drawing from one small city. I was equipment mngr at Hendo from 98-06 and we always lacked the ingredients to win a title at the top level. Kids at louisville see all the state title rin
  4. Find a way to a lower class. Having to compete with Paducah Tilgman every year is a death knell for advancing further into any playoffs!
  5. Henderson Co probally has a 1000 boys in school. Problem is the school draws from one city, 26,000 Henderson. Henderson would be athletically better suited for 5-A and would have a legitimate shot at winning a state title every 5 yrs or so. Perhaps once in a 100 yrs Hendo could win a title in 6-A. Maybe!
  6. Good! Can you imagine if they consolidated? If you think its tuff to beat a Loiusville now....well.............
  7. At Henderson Co, Barry "bang-bang" Skaggs still holds single season & carear rushing records. He played 75-77 i think. However, had he not gotten hurt and missed out on his senior season in 06, i think Cedric Rainey woulda challenged for that. We have had some good ones here, Damon Carter in 91,Jonathan Jackson in 98, Alex Fendric in 02 to name a few!
  8. During the interim between Coach Duffer Duffy leaving & the hiring of a new coach, the assistant coaches oversaw off season workouts! Kudos to them, for they didn't know wether they would be retained or not. Thankfully, they were!
  9. Nice win for Henderson Co after getting smoked by Evansville Memorial earlier in the week!
  10. Hang in there! With the class Paducah is in, they will contend for a state title about every year:ylsuper:
  11. Hey Purplehaze, best of luck this comming weekend. I hope its your time & the Puples bring home a state title!
  12. Especially in 6-A. Two Louisville schools battling for the state title! Whoda thunk it? Going to 6 classes helps give some schools a chance to compete for a state title they may not otherwise have had, except for the poor county schools still stuck in the same class with Trinity, St.X, Male( sorry Boone Co, Henderson Co, Scott co ect).
  13. The big 3 in the ville are always in a class of thier own.
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