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  1. I was exspecting to see a few Mercer people posting over here? But it's just that one Russell (fball ?) guy going over there looking for answers and education and what not? Good luck this week!
  2. I'm sure the Titan players have plenty to say during the game, but I watched the warmups from the visiting sidelines and could not believe the smack talk from the visiting team? The team that had been beaten like a drum a a couple weeks earlier. The Lloyd players (#4? FB/RB) walked to the mid-field stripe and called the Mercer team straight out!
  3. If you do not associate Nelson County with good football, you must be a migrant worker. Nelson County has had 2 losing season in 15 seasons? Extraordinary talent runs in cycle in almost every school across the state and NC will rise again. After 15 years of success, the admin is getting on board. that will help tremendously!
  4. Coach J...I've always thought you had some serious coconuts, but wow! Pikeville faithful...trust him! He has been there and done that vs the best in the state. The last thing needed is for parents to question the system. It beat us in OT just before Beechwood!
  5. 1-A Bardstown beat Nelson County in 1996...Nelson County went on to be 14-1. Like my wife tells me...size don't matter:sssh: ...all the time:devil:
  6. I've nerver seen a state champion with anymore than 15 games on their schedule. If a HS team could win or lose a scrim...wouldn't that make 17? I was scouting and the crowd told me the JV QB put the ball on the ground and why didn't MCHS kick the ep? Do they always go for 2 and why was the JV QB in a spot like this?
  7. 1. X 2. T 3. H 4. Highlands 5. Danville 6. Bowling Green 7. PRP 8. North hardin 9. Boyle Co. 10. Russell 11. Henry Clay 12. Mayfield 13. Cov. Cath 14. Hoptown 15. Mercer Co.
  8. Less balanced for who? Louisville 4-A? 2 out of 8 districts? You still have to beat'em all! How about in 07 when the new draw comes and it isn't the 2 Louisville districts paired up?
  9. Why? Is there something I'm missing? The districts will not change. There will be 8 4-A district play-off champs to advance to the 3rd round. In the 3rd round there is a blind draw to determine which district plays who..one of eight teams in a regional champ game. Is that right? So, in theory there could still be an all Louisville final, but there could be an all Louisville regional champ as well? I am a 4-A fan that doesn't like the idea of a split. I like the concept of beating the best to get the ring. This concept will allow the chance for the non-Louisville schools to only have to beat one of'em in the dance in December. This will also get the non-louisville 4-A schools to cool off some about a split. Smile...be happy that the split didn't happen. This concept doesn't sacrifice the "you have to beat'em all" mentally...unlike the split.
  10. The "non-Louisville" 4-A schools will like it! Especially those who have been matched up in their region. No one gets banned...no one gets kicked out. You still have to "beat'em all." Now the districts that have been opposite the Louisville 4-A districts just have to be better one time on one night to get to the show. This will change a lot of attitudes. There will be fewer people calling for the split. Good move KHSAA.
  11. Confirmed today. This relationship appeared doomed from the start. What happened?
  12. Are you serious? I understand that he contacted the super of the Franklin County school system prior to accepting the Henry County job and the super could not find the time to talk about a matter such as "I may resign." The super then says I'll call you at home tonight...no phone call. Coach E is a loyal man and would do no intentional wrong to the young men at WHHS. I'm sure the day he resigned will haunt him for a long time, but the time and work that goes hand in hand with a football program sometimes needs to be rewarded with support or in this case a simple phone call and a pledge to care. Coach E goes to a clinic that he feels will benefit the WHHS football team and then gets another job and a guy (angry booster I'm sure) want him to send a check? The content of the clinic surely did not evaporate? I understand the next guy may come in and not use the clinic materials, oh well. Is he supposed to refund every dime spent by boosters that may have benefitted coaches? What about last years (2005) clinics? Coach E may not want or need to use the content from the clinic at his new job. If you are mad...be mad at the lack of support. Be upset because your son lost a great role model and coach. Coach E could probably round up a few bills of personal money spend on your son...I doubt he'll send you that bill.
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