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  1. Does anyone know how the player from Estill is that got taken to the hospital ?
  2. Thanks for the updates. Im stuck at work tonight.
  3. Very nice win for the Royals. Playing the tough schedule early may be paying off.
  4. We don't need to change a thing. The blind draw is what makes Kentucky's Sweet 16 what it is. It's about the small town, Cinderella teams. They make the tournament, and seeding them all out in the first round would be a disgrace.
  5. I think there was a fatality in the wreck. Thats second hand info at best.
  6. Read on another board that Teague and Selby may also be visiting this weekend.
  7. They are having a chili supper benefit in the cafeteria tonight starting at 5 tonight. Not sure what time it is over. For those of you interested in eating before the game. Its for a very good cause. Maybe someone with more details could post more info about it.
  8. I want to thank this Royal team for a great season, it sure was alot of fun. Congrats to PCC on the win.
  9. Mason Co had 2 female kickers last year. They were twins, one kicked extra points and the other handled kickoffs.
  10. Not sure if Danville is that bad. They couldnt have played any worse than they did tonight. Mason Co did look really good. Their offense is going to be hard to stop, their defense was equally impressive. Danville just couldnt hold on to the ball. Great way to start the season for Mason Co. Go Royals!
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