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  1. The Birds should not take anything for granted. I think they read all the running clock comments and thought they would coast. Stay focused, work hard and thoroughly prepare. Don’t listen to the hype. Then go win!
  2. I thought he did too but when I looked closer it was 23 and not 42.
  3. Thanks to the Cooper students and community for demonstrating compassion and support during a difficult time. Congrats on the win and good luck!
  4. Anyone have any stats? Nice win for some momentum heading to the districts.
  5. Birds can not afford to take this game lightly, schedule or no schedule AC is 10 and 0. So they need to show up focused, ready to execute and remember to let their play speak for them. Take nothing for granted. Play smart, play hard. Cannot get caught looking to a potential rematch with the Colonels or they will be watching instead of playing. Go Birds!
  6. Gentlemen, most on this board had this as a toss up game. I did not attend but would say the Birds played well from the score. Congrats Birds but don’t relax you are still the biggest game on everyone’s schedule. I hope the rest of the schedule takes the Birds lightly. Congrats Birds! Raiders go win 6A!
  7. So much for the field house being the reason they won all this championships!
  8. Congrats to the Birds! For those that think this is not a rivalry just ask the kids. Birds need to keep working because the difference in this game was a couple of plays. Can't rest. Stay focused - stay positive and keep working.
  9. Congrats to Cooper, they outplayed the Birds and deserved the win. No excuses. We have some work to do and have faith Coach W will get the team prepared. Good luck to Cooper the rest of the year.
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