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  1. Lloyd, Newport, Holy Cross are in a 3 way tie in district play. Can anyone explain how the RPI might shake out?
  2. Lloyds district scores. Newport played their best game of the season and we choked. Holy Cross game was pure domination.
  3. I told y’all in the other thread not to sleep on the fellas in this one….
  4. Injuries, Covid affecting roster, not very deep in a lot of positions. Last years QB gave up football to concentrate on his track career (4 time state champ pole vaulter) this was a very big factor. And I personally feel they schedule “over their heads” 6A Dixie, 5A Grant County, 5A Boone County, 5A Montgomery County. They aren’t built to play those large schools. All that said, the Newport/Holy Cross game was crazy unusual, Newport was missing their best player and multiple starters. I wouldn’t chalk this game up for the Indians so fast….
  5. Rohlman is slated to start as usual. Tough as they come.
  6. Lloyd was informed the official shortage is a major issue. There are only 10 crew’s available. Therefore they are moving 1-2 games a week to stretch the crews. Everyone is supposed to play at least one Thursday or Saturday game to help spread the crews out. Lloyd being the home team was given the option this week for Thursday or Saturday, chose Thursday. I guess the visiting teams in these scenarios just get the news and have to adjust.
  7. Dixie can win if they don’t beat themselves. Tons of penalties all season. Lack of discipline is unsettling. Personal fouls and pre snap penalties have been an issue all season.
  8. I am to understand the head coach remains in place. The defensive coordinator has left. According to sources from within the program.
  9. Lloyd visits Boone County. Lloyd enters 2-1 while Boone County enters at 1-2.
  10. I feel like it pretty plainly states if you reclassify, your gonna be ineligible at the NCAA level.
  11. The last two games Lloyd played get no mention. Only show up because of Beechwood.
  12. Take this post down. Lloyd gets no mention in this site any other week. So don’t bother this week.
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