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  1. I am pretty sure that the McPeek era at Lawrence County ended abruptly also.
  2. I think it is funny when Wolfe made the comments in his interviews, "we had opportunities", "we didn't connect", "you would have thought we would have showed up." He did not mention anything about the back to back timeouts he had to burn because of coaching. You could tell he did not have control things from the beginning. Especially when you could clearly see him and the asst. coach arguing on the sideline. At some point in the media you expect him to take responsibility for the loss as the head coach. He never did.
  3. I think that in Trinity's case there is more to it than just scheduling an opponent. I think that the reason that out of state scheduling happened was the lack of in state teams willing to play. I pretty sure that the 2010-2012 period they only had 9 regular season games because teams just were not willing to play. I would think that Trinity would love to play more in state teams if they were a quality opponent. Seems like Johnson Central is riding high maybe they would like to play. I am sure there are others but that team came to mind first.
  4. Does Trinity get penalized for out of state schedule? Is there a chance they could lose a head to head against, say STX, but beat Male, but get jumped by someone because there only a few in state teams who will schedule them? Not Familiar with RPI that much just seems like it sets up for issues when it comes to their schedule.
  5. What about this........ Let's say that JCPS takes a handful of schools and puts in turf or buys some ground that is currently vacant and uses that to build a couple of turf fields that could be centrally located. I would think that taking existing schools would be cheapest. Then use those fields to allow other teams to host home games. It would take some county wide planning to make it work out but it would allow these teams to at least have some decent surfaces to play on. This is not unusual in other states where budget issues are a concern. There would be details to work out among concessions but it could be done. If the right person were to be put in charge of this it could raise money for everyone and at least be a good start to getting something done about the dilapidated fields in Louisville. They basically did this same concept with that nice gym at Valley High; well everything except the centrally located part.
  6. Would really like to see Prestonsburg get it headed in the right direction. I do not know if that is possible with the current state of affairs.
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