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  1. If Wallace cannot get this one tonight he starts to question what he is actually accomplishing. Just a thought............
  2. HOLD THE LINE COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Did X play Jrs on the JV or did T? I would think that these programs want to win this game. Minus playing a starter it would be all hands on deck. I would think, for the sake of attrition you play Jrs in JV that you hope to contribute somewhere down the line on Fridays. It would be hard for me to look at kids that are on the fringe and not play them because they are a JR. Isn't there am 8 quarter rule in KY?
  4. I think I read earlier in a post that they graduated 20 of 22 starters and a bunch of reserves. That would make this an entire new group. Am I correct? For the state of Kentucky we all should hope T gets back on track. It make a take a season but I believe they will. As someone said Tradition never graduates, but experience does.
  5. The things that Johnson Central will go through to keep from playing an upper echelon in state team.😝
  6. Curious; why did he leave Bryan Station? Was he not making a difference in kids lives there? Was there turmoil there? For a coach to be let go once a season starts there has to be more to the story. Being controlled and asking to change things for the good of the team are not the same things. NFL, college, or Hall of Famer doesn't mean anything when trying to get young kids to execute a game plan.
  7. Ran through a banner? Seriously? I expect FD to be similar to years past, hyped. The only difference this year is they don't have possible NFL roster guys on the OL. They just never seem to get over the hump. X will be as good as anyone up front. They should dominate the line of scrimmage. I am looking forward to this scrimmage. This game will give you a good idea on what can be a potential weakness for each team. Can FD control the line of scrimmage? Can X match up athletically with big time skill? Should have a good idea of both teams after tonight.
  8. You know the X crowd thinks they have a shot when they are posting about the rivalry in July!
  9. From a pure talent perspective no one in 5a has had more talent then FD. Best player? Maybe not. Most talented team, not close.
  10. I am sure that Wyman always worked for who ever was calling the shots and did the best with what he had. That leads me to this........... How would you define the role of a county wide AD? DId Wyman do a good job under that defined role? Is JCPS athletics in a good spot? Or is it possible that he did the best job possible given the circumstances?
  11. Lol. Just another reminder how NKY football is overrated.
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