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  1. Middlesboro won it in 98 but had a regular season loss to Coach Hilton’s bobcats in a heart breaker. Also noted in 97 I’d when Boyle Co really became a staple in Kentucky High School Football. And Chuck Smith would knock off his former UK teammate in the 99 semis to begin an unprecedented streak and championship run for a County school. Caldwell Co had a really good quarterback that year If my memory is correct.
  2. 1997 Middlesboro lost at Beechwood in the semis Would avenge that lost in the semis in 98 at Lee Majors Field and beat Mayfield to become state champions
  3. He had upset Greer. Current assistant super by making claims he cost them a state champ. He allegedly threw multiple assistants under the bus after the 2018 loss in the finals and that broke up the dream team. Haddix is a friend of mine and a great football coach. Just think he accidentally wore out his welcome in Corbin. He will do good things in Boyle if he lets the coaches work for him it’s an awesome place to work and a great community to be a part of. Best of luck to the Hounds moving forward.
  4. Pretty sure the current administration encouraged him or pushed him out the door. Right or wrong. Haddix will be fine.
  5. Coach Parks did some great things with those young men there. Hate to hear this but he will land on his feet and be successful wherever he goes. Class Act.
  6. I think you have some options here for sure. It is Brandon Smith’s job to turn down. After that it becomes a crap shoot. There will be plenty of interest and there will be plenty of people stay away bc it is tough to follow the man that built the program from ground up. Chuck should be proud of what he built, of his mentor taking over and winning two titles and the Chuck taking back over and getting it right back on top where Boyle belongs. In the end I think Brandon comes home. But if not.... Does Jeff Hester want it? If so he should be next in line, he is the GLUE that has held BC together since early in the 2000’s. Would Larry French entertain an offer if they reached out to him? He knows the way............ Mike Settles currently on staff. Knocked Boyle out of the playoffs when at Bullet East. From the Boyle lineage : John Hodge winningest coach of all time at Bourbon Co. Travis Leffew former Lincoln Co HC and one of the all time great players? Jacob Tamme maybe if he wants to get back in the game? Some former assistants that know the “Boyle Ways.” A complete outsider to me would be a huge gamble with the house that Chuck built. But it will be an interesting Christmas break. Congrats to Coach Pardue and Coach Smith on an outstanding, remarkable career in KY high school football. Two of the best to ever do it IMO. And on top of it, they are super people on and off the field. Enjoy how ever much time you take off before you get back in the game somewhere. (Speculation - but both have previously coached college and will have a hard time just hanging out, bc they are too good at what they do!!!).
  7. As the Rebels Go Rolling Along!!! Congrats to the Black and Gold Machine. See you in two weeks at Kroger Field.
  8. Bell County. And they will have the easiest path to Kroger field as well.
  9. Is this an upset or was it expected? The margin of victory surprises me a little bit.
  10. I was able to attend the KFCA/UK clinic this weekend at the University of Kentucky. Special thanks to Jimmie Reed, David Buchanon and Clay Clevenger as well as the UK staff. It reminded me of the old KFCA clinics years ago at Centre College that first got me excited about coaching and being around coaching legends like Phillip Haywood, Bob Beatty, Mike Glaser, Sam Harp, Chuck Smith, Larry French and the list goes on and on. The UK staff did an excellent job with breakout sessions in position groups, Coach Stoops was a very good host and then the group met to discuss important issues in KY HS fball. Saturday morning the speakers included : Brian McKenzie - FCA, Brian Landis, Ethan Atchley, Boo Washington and Justin Haddix. They all did a great job and then UK opened up their practice to all coaches, where they gave you field access to drills and coaches. Awesome weekend of football in March and gets everyones blood flowing for the upcoming season. I would encourage all HS coaches and their staff to try and attend next year as it was well worth the trip and time. Go CATS!!!
  11. That would be a big hit to Coach Hilton’s staff. Coach Marple does a great job for him and a lot of the legwork. I’d say the old ball coach is working hard to keep him on the Hill.
  12. Pretty interesting read on how seriously a nearby state takes football, yet many coaching salaries and stipends in Kentucky are the same they have been for the last 20-30 years. Assistant stipends are still stuck in the $3,000 - $4,000 range at many places and we can’t figure out why people aren’t overjoyed to work all year in the weightroom spring and summer workouts, etc. Not many coaches in Kentucky do it for money - but it’s nice that Georgia compensates with good pay for stellar performance. Just an interesting Saturday morning read. Enjoy Big Business: Number of Georgia high school football coaches making six-figure salaries has doubled in five years | firstcoastnews.com
  13. Coach will work hard and do a good job. He is great with young men and a very knowledgeable coach. Hope they will give him time to build it. Congrats to Coach Chappell and his family.
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