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  1. Bracken got some good minutes from deaton and clos tonight they showed alot of energy and played well.
  2. If I'm not mistaken didn't Williamstown beat Simon Kenton not to long ago and Simon Kenton just beat Campbell.I don't think this is a easy game at all.Peoples knowledge of basketball confuses me on here.
  3. Fun game to watch allen very good player and crawford with his 16 4th quarter points was big .
  4. I just seen where crawford has over 1000 rebounds .Just wondering how many players has had 3000 points and 1000 rebounds .
  5. First time I've seen Bracken play this year and this is what I think.They have alot of size and they play hard but they are slow any team that is athletic there going to struggle.I was very impressed with how hard Nicholas county played they are a good team.
  6. That's all that is on this website anymore and I hope it's kids not adults.I'm no coach or nothing but if crawford only scores 12 points there Going to have trouble winning any game especially a team like Paris or any top team in the region
  7. I think Bracken thought there season ended when they played Campbell.Since then Campbell is 8-0 and Bracken 2-6 that's the difference between a good team and a bad one right now
  8. I was to haven't seen him this year but everytime his name comes up it gets a lot of replies.It looks like either people like him or you don't and tells me he's pretty good and no I'm not a bracken fan augusta fan or mason I'm a 10 region fan like to see kids out of the tenth go to the next level and as far as bracken being excited you need to be been along time since you've competed every night and that's not happened in along time
  9. PC is playing good ball right now and without Hamilton it doesn't give Crawford a 2nd scorer. I'll take PC in this one by 10. As far as Crawford's 5 point game goes play him man to man or straight up and see how it goes...
  10. I don't think he's trying to say they don't care but other sports are more important it's bracken co that's why they've has 5 winning season's in 20 plus years congratulations to austin on his 2000 points
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