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  1. Taking Christian in a close one. Best matchup for the cards on Monday night.
  2. Campbell is the favorite being unblemished against 10th region comp. Ill take the cards in a rematch of the top 2 teams in the 10th in a close one.
  3. Going to be a good game for sure. I felt the winner of the Paris/Pendleton game would be my pick to cut the nets. We shall see.
  4. I don't think the semis could be anymore balanced as far as match ups.
  5. Will it live up to the hype that Bryan station/Madison central did?
  6. Thursday will be worth the price of admission.
  7. Either way it goes it's either Paris/GRC will have the toughest road. Unfortunate...
  8. Paris Mason co. Harrison co. Campbell co. Scott Clark co. Pendleton Co. Bracken co. This would be the worst draw GRC would imagine.
  9. I see 5 myself. Main Reason. Pendleton County- Dontae is the best player in the gym. Scott high- a couple of these guys have been here before. Paris- Healthy. GRC- Confidence and size may be enough. Campbell County- The best team in the gym. Their regional record speaks for itself. Bracken/Harrison/Mason County Just not enough to compete with these 5 if there is no let down.
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