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  1. Bracken county with a easy one tonight. Get through this one with no injuries and prepare for Paris in finals.
  2. Big hit on Bracken county without Hamilton definitely not close to same team last year without him. Young kids will need to develop fast. To help Crawford out could take a while to gel but believe Hinson will have them ready by class a.
  3. No I just don't believe taking your ball and going home is a good example for young people. Do what is right play the games keep the rivalry intact and let khsaa handle the draw and seeding issue. SMH.
  4. You really don't know what you are talking about. Record doesn't have nothing to do with it . It is about the atmosphere the passion the heart of the cross town shoot out and don't forget the crowd. Bracken county has to realize that they are not talented enough to win on skill. If they played with passion and heart like they do against Augusta in the other games they could do big things this year.
  5. The people who have played in this rivalry know the passion the two teams play with when they play each other. Neither team wants to lose and the atmosphere is amazing. No other team that either school plays all year brings this atmosphere. If Bracken county kids and administration doesn't care about playing Augusta I believe they have found the problem themselves. This is why Bracken county will always be mediocre because the people in charge there don't understand passion and heart for the game if they are going to end this rivalry. SMH.
  6. Is Jacob Hamilton playing? I have heard a lot of talk because of track he may not play. Is there any truth to this?
  7. Basketball that's only 4 times so what happened the other 6 years. Baseball about 50/50 since 2006 so what happened those other 5 . How many district titles? Like I said beat whoever you draw don't settle for second.
  8. Bracken county has benefited from blind draw as much as anyone else over the past years but just haven't been able to take advantage of it. The next 2 years should be Bracken county years but taken the ball and going home is not the answer. Play the games and beat the teams in front of you. I believe basketball this year is Bracken county year . So why worry about seeding or drawing. Because you afraid of losing to mason county. But you are fine with beating up on Augusta or st pat on down years and losing to mason county in finals and settling for second because of seeding instead of drawing. SMH. Ridiculous just trying to get to region by seeding instead of winning your way there so sad.
  9. All sports polar bear 98 . Augusta district wins and region wins are adding up. While Bracken county is still seeing no success. I'm a bracken alumni and couldn't stand to see Augusta win anything. So I can tell when Bracken county fans are on here whining because their lack of success paired to Augusta success in all sports. Just want to make sure you understand all sports. SMH.
  10. All this complaining looks like a bunch of Bracken county people sore over all the success that the little ole Augusta school has had lately and the lack of success that Bracken county has had for a long time. Everyone nows big brother doesn't like it when little brother shows them up and it's been going on for a while.
  11. I agree every district should seed. Just think it seems like Bracken county is pushing now , but with garrison leaving mason county Bracken county should be heavy favorite in District anyway so why does it matter who they play. I just hate seeing such a great rival die because of this.
  12. This is all about the timing look at the past few years Augusta and mason dominant against Bracken. Now this year Augusta and st pat both on a down year Bracken all about seeding because they don't want the draw with the chance of drawing mason and being bounced the first round. If this team is supposed to be so good then why worry about the draw. You have to beat the best to be the best. They should look how Augusta done it the past 4 years.
  13. If you read my post it said Paris and Campbell has to be disappointed too. Not just Augusta heck Bracken county does too.
  14. It's definitely not grades .... much worse a issue that should have been addressed all year that was let go. I'm not talking about all kids that play sports at mason county because I have kids that go there also so it's not all kids that are disrespectful but if you follow the program you know what I'm talking about such a shame.
  15. If true they took a region that had one of the greatest cindarella story in the history of sports. That people are going to talk about forever to their children. Augusta was being talked about all over . Instead mason county choose to give the 10th a black eye instead of suspending him when they should have and bowing out respectfully .
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