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  1. This might not be a popular question, but... Why is this game played? Are there no other options within four hours for either school?
  2. Was impressed with a few things in particular for NewCath. A) They opened holes and protected well B) They made adjustments well that put them in a good position to open holes and protect well C) They tackled well at every level defensively We make a big deal of a lot of things in this game but many times it’s pretty simple. If you can block and tackle you stand a pretty good shot.
  3. Joe played for Steve Lickert at Dayton and has been his right hand since. I know he was a big part of the offensive game plan at CCHS and was on the headsets with Lickert this past year. Also I know he took the long road but worked his butt off and sometimes had job, practice, and classes (along with a family) in the same day but recently graduated with his teaching degree. Great example for kids of a guy that comes from not a lot and worked hard to get his shot. Glad for Joe and hope he can make a difference at Newport.
  4. NCC had chances early and couldn't get the big hit. Seemed like they were feeling some pressure as their defense fell apart late and really put it out of reach.
  5. Red book rules. Price of lodging/parking/food. Sunday finals format leaves too much down time. Lack of entertainment in the area. Move it to Louisville and go back to the Wednesday to Saturday format.
  6. Giving a foul is easier said than done. If not practiced, it can be difficult for a player and difficult for a coach to ask them to do it.
  7. I didn’t compare anything. You asked a question. I answered it. If you took that as a comparison... ‍♂️
  8. Fairly certain that isn't true... Teams like Heritage and Latin would have representation and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they do... There also have been some down years for teams now and then and they just don't get picked... Lloyd for the few years before last year comes to mind. Or Beechwood when they first moved up...
  9. Looks like you're referring to NKAC big school awards. Which I think were announce a couple weeks ago.... I didn't think region wide awards have been announced yet?
  10. Am I correct in thinking that CCH did not have a 4th quarter field goal?
  11. I have no dog in the race but... it appears that almost every St Pats opponent for the past several weeks is getting to the line nearly 30 times a game. Perhaps they foul a lot?
  12. I think a lot of teams are starting to figure out that if you play Bellevue to a score in the 40's or 50's you are going to be in a dogfight. They play their system well.
  13. I believe quite a few DIII teams have been 'playing up' more and more... Bellevue played Conner tough last night, and I believe Villa played Ryle tight early in the year... And I think nearly all of the DIII schools now play the likes of St. Henry, Brossart, etc. They obviously can't go toe to toe with the big schools every night. But in the long run that should be an advantage and better brand of basketball from the NKY small schools.
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