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  1. Anderson first FG at 1:14 in half. McKnight with 13 points and assisted on 7 others. Collins 22-5 at half
  2. Scoring drought in 2nd. 17-3 Collins with 2 minutes until half. Anderson has gone 14 minutes without a FG
  3. All Collins, or I should say allMcKnight in 1Q. Collins 14-3, McKnight with 10
  4. After 4 minutes, Collins off to quick start 8-2. McKnight with 4 points and a neat assist.
  5. Opener over at Anderson. Anderson girls defeat Spencer Co 52-23. Boys game will begin around 7:45
  6. In seeing that a 17 win Anderson had nobody in the top 15 players, I think shows the overall team concept they employed. I also think that Bryan Hyatt deserves an honorable mention in the Coach of the Year category.
  7. Two charging calls and an Anderson turnover, Oldham converts 47-43 with 1:29 to play
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