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  1. Soph RB Brady Hensley carried the ball 28 times for 320 yards and five touchdowns to lead Madison Central tonight.
  2. Good points all, not counting COVID games Frederick Douglass and Bryan Station have combined for 7-1 so far this season with Bryan Stations only loss coming to Frederick Douglass. Paul Laurence Dunbar, Henry Clay, Lafayette, and Henry Clay have combined for a 2-16 record.
  3. Frederick Douglass got a lot of transfers from the other schools when they came into existence which weakened the other schools for years. Bryan Station is starting to make a comeback. This often happens with new schools with newer facilities and making the right hires to lead the programs. Another example is Great Crossing which is starting to challenge Scott County in most sports. Also you can look at GRC which gets a lot of transfers. One look at their new facilities anyone would like to play there.
  4. The new QB is Hagan Harrison a new name in football but well known in the basketball circles.
  5. Excellent game, last play could have gone either way. A little more air on the ball and the Flyers would have won but excellent play by Luke Sheperson "eyes" on the ball all the way and getting the hand up to deflect the ball.
  6. Coach Chirico kept it simple blocking and tackling and running a stable of good running backs behind a huge,talented offensive line.
  7. There are people a lot smarter than me to make this decision but the young man did all that could have been expected out of him this year and capped it off with the big trophy.
  8. Well said and I am so pleased that through all the work of all involved you made it happen. We started the season providing the computer statistics for our team and I was doubtful we would get through the season. However we made it through and I was also able to cover several games on my website. It was a joint effort with everyone pitching in to get through a very difficult situation. The cooperation of everyone involved from the KHSAA to the folks at the various football stadiums were amazing. Also, a big shout out to all the sports reporters, twitter accounts, websites, and all the loyal fellow sports nuts on BlueGrassPreps that refused to let this season die. We always say "its all about the kids" and if that is true they took full advantage of it and provided us with a year to remember in an otherwise bleak 2020. Thanks to all and stay healthy and safe until we get back to some level of normalcy.
  9. Frederick Douglass appears to be on a roll this season. The weather could be a factor tonight and Southwestern is a worthy opponent. I feel for Southwestern to win they have to control the clock limiting Frederick Douglass' offensive touches and hopefully turn the Broncos over.
  10. I believe that Lexington Catholic should be the favorite but when you put Scott County vs. Lexington Catholic in such an intense rivalry anything can happen.
  11. I had the pleasure of assisting with computer statistics for the visiting team on the opening of both the football stadium and the basketball venue and GRC went above and beyond to accomodate us. I also due to scheduling and playoffs worked three games at the football stadium and enjoyed the same cooperation and hospitality each time I was there. Also remember I stated the first games at each venue, can you imagine trying to get everything perfect for opening night. Kudos to the school, city, and county for putting together something that will be enjoyed for years.
  12. Johnson put up 42 for LexCath and Kole Browne had 37 for Madison Central. Regardless of record you can never count out a Allen Feldhaus coached team.
  13. I was very impressed with Lincoln Bush, about 6-6.5 to 6-7 with a very long wing span. Rebounds well and scores in paint and is an excellent interior passer. Jared Wellman is an excellent shooter and the team is athletic, shoots the ball well and could make a run during post season. Also new facilities are first class. I also had the pleasure of working the inaugural football game at the new stadium and the facilities and hospitality were outstanding. GRC and Winchester has a lot to be proud of.
  14. What happened too football in Fayette County over the last 20 years? Probably several factors but in 1999 Bryan Station (13-2), Henry Clay (10-2), Tates Creek (11-3), Dunbar ((7-5), and Lafayette (2-8) combined for a 43-18 record and this year so far they have combined for 10 victories. Most if not all have either new or refurbished facilities so that is not a factor.
  15. Fayette County football has been dismal for several years. The records for Lexington public schools the last three years up to today (October 15th) are: Frederick Douglass (28-5), Tates Creek (17-13), Henry Clay (12-19), Dunbar (6-21), Lafayette (6-24), and Bryan Station (5-24). Tates Creek did go 9-3 in 2017 but no other team has finished above .500 since then. This years record to date excluding Douglass are 10-26.
  16. Assistant Coach Lee Tegt is the new head coach, young guy with a lot of knowledge. Top assistant will be Tony Talbott, once a head coach at LexCath and valued assistant on the championship teams under Greg Todd. This will be a good combination for the Lady Knights.
  17. I agree the personal attacks both at games and especially by the keyboard warriors have been getting more personal and vocal over the years. However, I believe unfortunately that comes with the territory and especially on the internet simply don't log on. I really fell sorry for the coaches' families as some of the comments are hard to take directed at your husband or father.
  18. Rumored that Henry Clay's Amiya Jenkins and Maddie Kauffman have transferred to Anderson County and Tates Creek respectively. If this is true Henry Clay will struggle early but still have some good young talent.
  19. Great match up, having lost their top running back will hurt Somerset but they have other excellent options. Excellent quarterbacks with a lot of weapons at their disposal. LCA's Dearious Smith is explosive with 10 receiving touchdowns but Somerset's Kade Grundy has seven receiving touchdowns and will create match up problems. I feel LCA should pull out a close one at home but Somerset has been pointing to this season and I have a feeling they pull off a squeaker on the road.
  20. Anderson County has been a Jekyl and Hyde team this year with an up and down season. Don't forget they lost a major talent with the transfer of Charles Collins to Breathitt County. Anderson County is still dangerous but Boyle County is on a mission and has too many weapons this season.
  21. I believe overall Frederick Douglass may have more major talent but Covington Catholic's schedule and tradition gives them a slight edge. I believe Michael Mayer is the "X factor" for the Colonels. He is a force on both offense and defense. His size and talent makes him hard to deal with at the high school level by any team. I would like to see Douglass be tested and win a tough game. Once they get over the hump and win a major playoff game the sky could be the limit.
  22. This has been met with a mixed bag of reactions in Lexington. Several of the Lexington public schools were decimated by departures from their program to the new school (Frederick Douglass). Henry Clay, Bryan Station, and Dunbar were hard hit and LCA even suffered losses especially the first year. The old adage "Build it and they will come" rings true. A new school is very attractive and they have put together an excellent program and has made a Lexington public school relevant again. It goes both ways as they lost a big time player Dekel Crowdus to IMG Academy and I'm sure with their talent will be targeted more in the future. The next step is to prove it in the playoffs and they seem to have the team this year with a dominating defense to prove it. They made a big statement earlier with a dominating victory but never count out the Cardinals. Also, Covington Catholic looms large in their path to Class 5A domination. They are deep and talented and are definitely a threat and I'm sure they are eager to prove themselves up to the task.
  23. I went with Frederick Douglass vs. Scott County. I feel like Douglass may have a little more D1 talent although losing Dekel Crowdus hurt. Scott County's Coach Jim McKee is old school and will run, run, run the ball down your throat until you stop him. Scott County has a harder time coming back from a deficit because of their style of play but it should be a classic match up. Douglass has a great defense and that could be the difference this year. Also Josh McClurg at QB adds a new dimension to the Bronco attack as he can definitely beat you on the ground as well as through the air.
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