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  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rude Mood, Say What Van Halen - Eruption Yngwie Malmsteen - Trilogy suite op 5
  2. VH

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    In internet explorer, try going to Internet Options /Connections/Lan Setting/Uncheck Proxy server. This setting will affect Chrome as well.
  3. On Sunday NCC beat Depaul(Cincinnat?) and Highlands. Neither game was close, NCC looked pretty good at times. Highlands looks to have a few good young players.
  4. +1 on Coach Shields. Great coach and great person
  5. I remember practicing against Red in gradeschool football; going against him in "hamburger". He would crush you and them help you up off the ground. Great player and even better person.
  6. Just curious, will CovCath bring the "JV Freshman" down for the Freshman Regional?
  7. I dont have any records, but the 2 strongest teams I've seen have been Cooper and Conner
  8. Sam Kaelin finished up for the Breds after Harris and did a great job. The second pitcher for Cov Cath pitched well also.
  9. The 5 Starters went out, 5 subs came in for several minutes and did well. The starter were back in at the end off the game.
  10. Smith was injured early in the year. He's playing well right now.
  11. NCC Frosh have beaten Dixie, Walton Verona, Holy Cross, Glen Este and Conner. Lost to: CovCath, Holmes and Ryle
  12. I think the dropped passes early in the game really hurt HC.
  13. "I feel like our defense has done its job the whole year," NewCath quarterback Brady Hightchew said. "I think we can hold them to 14 points again, if not less." Nothing about a blowout mentioned in there.
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