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  1. NCC laying down and letting Highlands beat them, obviously you don't know the rivalry. That would never happen. Even if Grant Brannen's mom,dad or wife was coaching at Highlands.
  2. Very surprised to see CovCath win, thought all year HC was the better team. Congrats to HC on a fantastic season.
  3. So much for a close game, Newport has some athleticism but no size at all.
  4. Why would Highlands have a bullseye on their back, this is a basketball thread.
  5. Hatton is a very talented offensive player no doubt, but Campbell is dominant on both ends. Would have to give POY to him because of that. Alot of season left however. Berger didn't hurt his chances over the weekend also.
  6. Couldn't disagree more. Grant gets his team ready to play and is best X's and O's coach in Region. Just because this years team makes some poor basketball decisions doesn't mean Grant is not a good coach.
  7. NCC just going through the motions right now. Still hungover from not being in All A. They'll snap out of it come tournament time or by an embarrassing loss.
  8. I agree that the block doesn't count, but it should since the basket would have counted if it had gone in. I also believe that an assist should be awarded for a pass where the player is fouled. Maybe 1 assist for both free throws made and 1/2for 1 made, and of course no assist if he misses both free throws. Maybe thats to complicated, but it makes sense to me.
  9. I agree NCC should use their zone defense more. It would allow them to use their length which is a weapon in zone play. I like Seibert up top of the 1-3-1 with his long arms and quickness. Let's face it, most good man to man defensive teams are agressive and physical. NCC is neither outside of Hightchew. Zack Pangallo is going to be a very good player for NCC over the next 3 years but he's not quite ready yet. He still forces shots sometimes, I look for him to play alot of point guard next year moving Bueter to a 2.
  10. If your dribbling and fall down, you can't roll over and pass it. If you dive after a loose ball you can then roll and pass the ball.
  11. NCC is going to continue to struggle against physical teams because they are young in the middle and thin on the perimeter. I can see Evan Morse playing more and more, he has done a nice job all year and gives them some toughness. Can't understand the inconsistancy I've seen this year from this team. One minute they're making the extra pass and being unselfish, the next minute their jacking up 3's and making other poor decisions. I think they'll be there at the end if they find a leader, or are willing to follow one.
  12. That's the second time this year I've seen that ref call 5 seconds in last seconds of a game that could determine who wins or not. Clearly his five seconds are 2 seconds faster than should be. Might have cost Ludlow the game. Did the same thing to NCC in LLoyd tournament game with Brossart.
  13. Unbelievable that all 3 refs didn't see the ball go in. I have two questions. One, if your not following the ball as a ref, what are you looking at? And two, there is an official scorer that the refs could ask if the ball went in. Why wasn't the scorers table consulted if all three truley didn't see it go in?
  14. Sure hope it's NCC vs Holy Cross next Sat. night at All A finals. Better get there early, don't know how Beechwood is going to handle the crowd.
  15. Came down to guard play tonight and the NCC guards did the job. Hightchew and Seibert made Ruthsatz take too many tough off balanced shots. CovCath did win the rebound battle however, just more aggressive. NCC really needs work in that area. With their length there's really no excuse. When Seibert and Ryan shoot and play well NCC is a very good team.
  16. Ryan's not a good enough defender to guard Ruthsatz, Hightchew will probably guard him until Seibert subs in, then Seibert would do the honors and a good job with his length. QUOTE=Qryche11;4255378]This will be a great game and likely the top game in NKY tonight. I think Grant would be wiser to put Ryann on Ruthsatz with his length. I wouldnt risk putting Hightchew in foul trouble. Here is what I would do if I were the coach. Beuter/Massie Ryan/Ruthsatz Miller/Pauly McDonald/Tobler Hightchew/Frederick Ryan would provide the much needed length and athleticism to defend Ruthsatz. Miller is very similar to Pauly, they both do the dirty work. McDonald and Tobler can battle on the block. Hightchew is strong enough to body up to Frederick and make him work for everything. I will take CovCath though in this one since its at Park Hills and the Crazies will be out in full force. CovCat 65 NCC 62
  17. 1. Dixie 2. Holy Cross 3. Holmes, CovCath, NewCath, Boone Kind of a cop out I know but that's how I feel after seeing all of the teams play. Too bad they all can't get to the Regional tournament.
  18. Sydney is obviously a great scorer but I was surprised how well she passes. She might be the best passer in the Region also.
  19. Total shocker to me. Hugh win for Newport. Has to be gut check time for the Birds.
  20. I thought the refs called a pretty good game overall but the last call seemed to be more of a loose ball foul. Both players had their hands on the ball, the Holmes player just tryed to shoot it from his waist and probably looked like a foul to the ref. It's a shame that the game ended that way instead of someone hitting a last second shot. From what I've seen so far this year both teams will have an awfully tough time with Holy Cross. I won't see Boone County until tonight but HC looks the best to me so far.
  21. Is McGovney the best player in the 10th this year? He seems to be really improved, I haven't seen him play this year yet.
  22. Don't remember any of these players averaging 18 PPG as a freshman on the varsity level. I know it's only been 6 or 7 games but it's still remarkable. It's not like NCC has played an all A schedule either.
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