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  1. Raceland Bardstown Breathitt County Knox Central Southwestern Saint Xavier
  2. Does this run through the playoffs and do we pick any six teams or one from each classifications ?
  3. 5 Highlands 3 Danville 3 Lexington Catholic 1 Corbin 1 Apollo 1 Madison Central 1 Paducah Tilghman 1 Prestonsburg 1 Shelby Valley 1 Ryle TB 70
  4. Its my understanding Danville's best player is out 5 to 6 wks with a broke arm or hand. Danville wins this one still. 28-0
  5. 6A Trinity 5A Highlands 4A Boyle County 3A Belfry 2A Newport Central Catholic 1A Hazard TB: 69
  6. 5 Bell County 3 Male 3 John Hardin 1 Central 1 Somerset 1 Danville 1 Corbin 1 Beechwood 1 Hazard 1 Ryle TB: 69
  7. 5 Belfry 3 Ryle 3 Christian County 1 Pulaski County 1 Lone Oak 1 Murray 1 Prestonsburg 1 Mayfield 1 Lexington Christian 1 Central TB: 69
  8. 5 Meade County 3 Bowling Green 3 Elizabethtown 1 Belfry 1 St. Xavier 1 Ft. Campbell 1 Warren Central 1 Henry Clay 1 Monroe County 1 Newport Central Catholic TB: 69
  9. I think the question should have been, who plays Highlands in the Championship !
  10. 5 Manual 3 Garrard County 3 Casey County 1 Owensboro/Grayson County 1 Scott County/Nelson County 1 West Jessamine 1 Covington Catholic 1 Southwestern 1 Henry County 1 Middlesboro TB: 69
  11. I am not sure how many and excatly who Mercer has back or will have back this week, but I do know they worked all week on fundumentals and I think alittle hope is there. I thought they actually played real well against Pulaski after being shut down by Lincoln the week before. I wish all 4 district teams Good Luck this week and Hope all the Luck comes District 7's way!
  12. Actually I think Mercer will win this one. They have had alot of injuries and I think they have got some players back. Common opponent would be Pulaski Co. Pulaski beat Harlan Co. 40-7 and beat Mercer Co. 47-24 . SO with that said i'm going with Mercer Co in a close one 17-14. I think Mercers district might sweep the other district.
  13. Well it's Halloween weekend, Boyle won't be at 100 %. So im gonna go with Christian Co in this one. 28- 26
  14. 7 Lincoln County 5 Christian County 3 Marion County 2 Rowan County 1 George Rogers Clark 1st Tiebreaker Christian County
  15. I agree Blazer, Bell Co. will be way to much for Harlan Co. Bell Co. will be looking to make a statement. I think Bell Co. shuts them out with maybe Harlan getting a score late!
  16. Prestonsburg Corbin Estill County Warren Central Mason County Dixie Heights Owensboro George Rogers Clark Central Lincoln County TB: 21
  17. Just curious to how this district pans out ( 1 through 4 ) anybody know ?
  18. Paducah Tilghman Bryan Station Garrard County Scott County Eastern Trinity Graves County Harlan County Bowling Green Lexington Catholic TB: 69
  19. Actually they have responded and are wanting to play up in 5A. Here is the link to other responces from schools including Boyles! http://www.khsaa.org/boardofcontrol/agenda/20102011/October/Football%20Responses/index.php?dir=Initial+Responses+to+Division+Into+Six+Classes%2F Click the link then click on the PDF file and scroll down they are in order A to Z.
  20. Finally Lincoln comes out and plays a complete game. Other than the int. on the fake punt that went for Mercers only score, Lincoln came through with 3 TD's on the ground of which one was called back and 2 through the air. Most impressed with the adjustments made at half by the LC coaching staff to shut down Mercer completely. Nice Job.:taz:
  21. I think Lincoln Co wins this one with a balanced attack of passing and rushing. I look for Lincoln to come out and finally put together a complete game. :banana:
  22. Warren Central Tates Creek Ballard Lexington Christian Mason County Edmonson County Graves County Ashland Rowan County Beechwood TB: 69
  23. Mercer County Trinity Belfry Tates Creek Apollo George Rogers Clark Berea DeSales Bowling Green Lincoln County TB: 69
  24. Winning Football is a great addiction, should have read addition sorry!
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