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  1. Close game for the Patriots, but they come away with the win!!!
  2. Actually, it was the same team. I don't understand why everyone seems to think that 3 Jrs can win a ballgame by themselves. One I will say again is playing his first year, although he is a very talented young man. The rest of the JV team is Fr. & Soph some of which are evidently pretty talented themselves. As I said before, I'm just giving credit where credit is due, as well as stating facts. Btw, what part of the team do you think was different?
  3. "Corndog" ...that's funny! Anyway, I don't quite follow your last comment, but I do think Lincoln is back on track. Lincoln has fought back from a couple tough years, but that isn't to say that we will beat Pulaski. I know what they're ranked. All I'm saying is that Lincoln is competing this year. And I guess you'll see some of Lincoln's JV team again on Friday night. We all know that most schools play some of their varsity on their JV team. JV teams can be made up of all grade levels other than Srs. and there are some Fresh who play varsity and sometimes they will also play a little JV. If I have to be for any team other than Lincoln it would always be Pulaski, it's my old stomping ground. Just trying to give credit where credit is due.
  4. Lincoln plays 3 jrs. in JV and you heard correctly the QB is one of them, but the QB can't win a game by himself. One of the Jrs is playing his first year in football, so call it what you want. I don't think my comment said anything about Friday Night...did it? PC has a great varstiy team, but the JV team is what you will have as varsity in the next cpl years...correct? So in essence, all I'm saying is...Lincoln may mean business on Friday night...next year!!
  5. Lincoln's JV beat Pulaski's JV last night. I think Lincoln is back on track!
  6. No problem. Just a little clarification can sometimes make a big difference....and thank you.
  7. Let's just go ahead and cut out the speculation. In the JV game between Boyle and Lincoln there were no Seniors playing in the game. There were however, 4 juniors, 2 of which start varsity. Ryne Otto, who is a junior, starts varsity as wide receiver and Jacob Cooper, who is also a junior starts varsity as def. tackle. THat's it, that's what you had on the field Monday night, the remaining team was comprised of Fresh and Soph who also get occasional varsity time as I'm sure they do on many high school teams. As for the celebration, I wouldn't say it was a Super Bowl celebration, but as said in the earlier post it was the first time those particular boys had beat Boyle. C'mon it was in OT and won with a 2 pt conversion. They had reason to be proud. Either team could have won that game, it was just Lincoln's night. They've worked hard and are due some V's. As for the parent from Lincoln who's passing out false information.....well, that's a shame. What's the motive?
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