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  1. SK is still looking for 2 games, Scott drop them from their schedule.
  2. SK will open the season playing Beechwood in the Skyline Chili Crosstown Shootout, Their schedule is not finalized yet when it is it will be posted. As of today Jan 13, 2011, Ludlow is not on the schedule. NCC,Holmes and Scott County have been added for 2011.
  3. So the NKYFL will give me $25.000 to start, and equipment? I'm interested. That 3/4 of the battle.
  4. Lickert would take a big pay cut to accept the Campbell co job.
  5. Kudos to coach Marksberry and Mrs Setters for doing what was right to benefit our players and school.
  6. I was standing in that endzone #88 ripped Chads helmet off by grabbing at his face mask. Chad has the cuts to prove it.
  7. The taking of the knee for an injury is not a rule, you do it out of respect.
  8. Krummen has a concussion, Pinkelton has torn ligaments in his elbow and the other 2 were disciplinary reasons.
  9. SK as team had 409 of total offense 278 passing and 131 rushing, Chad Lawerence had 275 passing and 112 rushing. Chad put his team on his back and got the win.
  10. X and T are in the opposite bracket than SK this year.
  11. Heard on Wednesday that construction on Scotts new turf was halted due to lack of funds. has anyone else heard this?
  12. Tried to. They couldn't rearrange the schedules to accomadate a game.
  13. The same thing happened in the Girls regional final for SK vs Walton. The ball is in the air light comes on the ball goes in and its called no good.
  14. Derek Piccirillo - has chosen Campbellsville (not Lindsey - Wilson)
  15. Derek Piccirillo - Lindsey-Wilson Nik Brown - Campbellsville Jordan Hansel- Ball State Congrats and Good Luck Guys
  16. Heard last night that WKU is now in the mix.
  17. He has a visit this weekend at Illinois.
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