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  1. Apparently Quainoo's speed was too much for SK, but SK's Defense shut him down. And I think they will do the same for Green. I'm going to say Simpson is the better RB in this game. Let's see if Male's Defense can contain him. :thumb:
  2. I agree. They are doing something right!:dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa
  3. It will be a good game. Sk has shown that they are a great team and can do great thing on the field. This will be a low scoring game like the Boone Co. game. I'll take the Pioneers by a TD. SK-21 Male-14
  4. Regional Champs, Alot of long hours, and hard work by everyone involved with the program. Congrats
  5. Yes, and he was only in for about a quarter and a half and got 102 yards rushing. Coming back from being a TE and Slot on offense to the QB, now thats what I call a player. And I have no doubt that if he goes to QB in the Boone game he can do the same.
  6. I was a bit disappointed that SK's defense couldn't adjust to slow down Conner's passing attack. Simpson and West are two all-stars for sure! Congrats to the Pioneers!!! Thats why its a team game! if the offense sputters the defense steps ups, if the defense sputters then the offense steps ups. SK plays as a team!
  7. Boone Co. will put their game face's on tonight and come out with a big win. Boone Co.-35 Henry Clay-14
  8. When Simpson needs a break, Marksberry puts either Nik Brown (31) or TJ Dawalt (42) in at RB, and either one of them two will make plays. And your right, one player does not win a championship, the whole team wins a championship. :thumb:
  9. As long as the field doesn't get watered down before the game.
  10. I 2nd that, bench play will be the key early for SK.
  11. IMO with all the play makers on both teams, this will be the best game in NKY on friday night.
  12. IMO this will be a close game, and i'm going to have to go with my Pioneers SK-28 Lafayette-21
  13. Conner-35 Holmes-17 Should be a good game
  14. You were right on Neerfan, I had that same feeling. Congrats to Miles Simpson and The Pioneers players.
  15. :laugh: If SK's defense play's like they did against CC, there is no way HC will put up 21 pionts
  16. Simon Kenton-42 Holy Cross-20 This will put SK on a 3 game win streak into the playoffs
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