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  1. Chelsea Tolliver is that good. Her 5'5" height is what hurts her in recruiting at the D1 level. I have seen some of the other girls they don't command the floor like she does.
  2. SK will play Breathitt Co at 6:30 pm Wed March 11. :dancingpa
  3. Congrats to the Lady Pioneers:dancingpa Back to Back Sweet 16 appearences:banana:
  4. SK came out flat. WV fans were into the game until the 2nd quarter then SK unleashed a bombshell of off/def and out scored WV 20 to 4 in the 2nd. it was over after that. Great game girls Good Luck at South Oldham.:dancingpa
  5. Nancy was there to watch NCC's Courtney Sandfoss. Chelsea Tolliver is 6th on her list.
  6. They return 7 offense and 7 defense players from the 2008 team, the talent is there. If they play as a team, one game at a time big things can happen in 2009.
  7. There will be a Press Conference soon to announce the teams that will be playing.:thumb:
  8. I know of several big 7 on 7 tournaments that have already scheduled dates in July.
  9. In our phone calls to the Bengals, we were told you had to be the Enquirer team or coach of the week to be honored.
  10. I'll take makin it to the 3rd round next season>:ylsuper:
  11. Unless something has changed, we are still playing NCC in the Newport Bowl.
  12. So far for 2009 schedule SK has added Henry Clay and Scott but are still looking to fill the other spots.
  13. That kid is a player and I wish the best of luck to him in College
  14. Just let T and X play 15 weeks straight then, the team with the most wins wins the championship. come get serious.
  15. Starting your own NKYFL organization, that's not going to happen the South Kenton Nittany Lions and Raiders control the boundries around taylor Mill and neither will give up any territory!This has been tried several times over the past 10 years to no avail.
  16. That was Arrogant... SK and Trinity are both in the State Championship Game. That means they are the best two teams in KY 6A. It's not going to be a blow out, if anything it will be close. All SK has to do is withstand Trinity's first punch, and SK will come back in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter just like in the past two games. Final: SK-21 Trinity-17 :ylsuper:
  17. SK plays as a team, sure they have a player who is good, but without the help of the other 10 players on the field they would'nt be were they are today.
  18. Simon Kenton has a few Sophomores.. All have started this year.. Austin Baldwin- 5'9" 180 LB Chad Lawrence- 5'10" 150 QB Zach Carroll- 5'10" 150 Slot/DB
  19. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I have heard that SK is going to play Highlands in the near future. I believe it would be the 2011 class. Because of SK's Freshman class of 2008 beating Highlands twice. If this is true, that WOULD BE a game to attend.
  20. We found out that they had already ordered their Championship rings.
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