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  1. At last years Finals you could stay for all the games. we got there prior to our game and watched all of the 4a game before us.
  2. SK put up the most points againist X on the season and exposed them! look for A Trinity repeat!
  3. Withrow balked at swaping weeks so SK could play Highlands.
  4. The NKYFL Lions players are going to Beechwood, SK, Dixie, Ryle instead of Lloyd. They see the advantage of open enrollment and want to win bottom line.
  5. Im going to say Cooper by ATLEAST 2 TD's..
  6. Looks like SK is going to live up to last season IMO...
  7. Have been told these kids will play JR Varsity.
  8. The KY squad did not play defense in the game.
  9. East 6 West 0 West MVP was M Kelly NCC East MVP was D Loscak Boone Very Tight game you could tell from the lack of practice. The East blew 3 chances in the Red zone to score. Only score was the 35 yard TD pass from Guidilgi to Kelly. Nice crowd on hand and what a perfect night to play and watch some HS Football.
  10. Crane's got to stay healthy to be a factor. He's was hurt his freshman year at SK and his Sophmore year at Beechwood.
  11. SK plays them early in the season.
  12. Here is a link to their schedule http://simonkentonpioneers.ky.usfootballnet.com/schedules/Default.asp?t=21455&s=317
  13. If SK makes it to the Regional Championship game they would indeed play X in that game.
  14. Congrats to Chelsea Tolliver The 1st SK player to be a part of the KY vs Ind All-stars.:dancingpa
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