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  1. Midnight madness into a sunday? Any upset parents because of this move?? Not criticising, honestly just curious! Good luck too both schools tonight.
  2. Good news!!!! You guys always do a very good job on the previews
  3. Anyone heading out to Union tomorrow to watch Cooper take on NewCath at around 9:30 in the morning?
  4. Can anyone help me out and tell me where I can find the 2010 Football schedules for schools? I know about khsaa but they do not have them posted yet I don't think. If they do please send me a link. Thanks.
  5. No, not mad, just being humerous. Your entitled to your opinion, but I have to disagree. No coach in their right mind will make a kid wear the helmet for a 3 hour bus ride. But when helmets are taken off after a bad loss kids tend to get comfortable which usually leads to horse play. Keeping helmets on gives you time on the ride home to reflect on what went wrong. My football team had to do it in high school and it never bothered me. Just depends on who you are I guess, and how you feel about it. Coaches take plenty of responsibility the Friday nights that they are up until 3 a.m. breaking down the film and the countless hours they spend Saturday and Sunday rewatching and scouting for next weeks opponents.
  6. No, just a 1 year thing. Both teams needed a game and only wanted to make it a 1 year deal.
  7. There isn't a point to that.... And who ever said anything about them losing?? :confused: Good luck Jags....get a W, so Fridaynightfan isn't upset that you have to wear your helmets home on the busride! :thumb:
  8. Luckily your opinion means nothing too me....... the 26-3 score is no indication of how that game went. Anyone besides you that was at that game should agree to that. And I think I said this earlier, noone ever asked you how you thought Cooper was, i was simply stating those 3 games were competitive last year, unlike Cooper's 1st year. Good thing high school football isn't pegged on your predictions, Boone would be undefeated state champs if that was the case
  9. my favorite part of 7 on 7 is getting your younger kids a look of what varsity football looks like as far as more speed, quicker pace...etc. Other than that i'm with everyone else in that it doesn't mean much. With that being said Cooper will host a 7 on 7 against NewCath this Tuesday, the 20th around 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning
  10. Sorry if I disagree with you, but 6A was no joke for Cooper last year with the exception of SK and Ryle. Cooper was competitive against Conner, Boone, and Campbell County....I do agree with others though, Cooper will be much improved this year and this will be a nice test to see how much further they have too go. I have heard nothing but good things about the JC RB's, it will be nice to watch them and Bradley romping around that field!!! Best of luck too both teams :ylsuper:
  11. Sorry about that, I was referring to Cooper in 2009, not this year. Sorry for the mix up.
  12. It is nice to see Cooper make this list. Many people will argue, but I just like seeing them there. With a top notch Sophomore class and losing only 5 or 6 seniors I think Cooper has a good chance to remain on this list.
  13. Rebel Dad, I don't remember this thread being about bashing the Cooper Football Program...do you? From what I recall, Boone did not have such a great season last year, so your point of them winning these games is void. If I recall correctly we were talking about good running backs, and some of the stats Bradley put up last year were very impressive. Many of these impressive stats were against the same schools your Rebels played. Your first point about Ryle is incorrect, their JV was not in middle of the 2nd quarter. Also, by the middle of the 2nd quarter, Bradley had 100 yards rushing and a score, FYI. I was in attendence at the Cooper/Boone game and I seem to recall the biggest reason that Cooper lost that game was not because of the weather conditions, but more along the lines of them playing themselves out of a win. I understand that you are passionate about Boone County Football, and that is good. I am not here to bash that program at all. But to give criticize a team in an irrelevent thread about their record is a little immature, IMO. And to say that Bradley is not, atleast, a top 3 RB in NKY is just non-sense especially when he played 5 or 6 of the same teams as your school. Also, I am pretty sure that football is the ultimate team game and you need more than a stud RB to be "successful." Just a word to the wise from a viewer of BGP, be careful what you say on here, as it is seen by numerous people all over the state. I don't want to start an arguement by any means, as I am as passionate for the Cooper program as you are the Boone one. All I ask is that you please stay on topic, as there is no reason to put down a program in its 2nd year. Good luck to the Rebels this year, as well as the Jaguars.
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