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  1. Cooper got a game with JCH to replace Shawnee ! Dont know if this was a good move or not ! From what I hear JCH are a veary good football team this year . Maybe this game will help them get ready . Shawnee didnt help with that last year .
  2. Boone always has some great players ! The Cooper game will be a good one for sure . Ill take Cooper they have alot returning and some new kids that will contribute .
  3. I do think Cooper will get there first district win this year . It will be down to Boone , Conner , Or Campbell County . I think it will be a close game all three . It will come down D. Cooper will be able to score on all three teams.
  4. I think Cooper will win 5 out of 7 . ( Conner, Boone, Cambell County, Lloyd, Shawnee, Scott and Holmes). I think they are a year or two away from Sk and Ryle. I also think they make the playoffs this year !
  5. I think Bradley from Cooper will have a big year! He went for 1600 yds last year with a small line. Cooper has improved at the o-line so he should do alot better.
  6. Not sure if I'm spelling right but Coach Bernett is back, also they have a new QB Coach not sure his name.
  7. Cooper has added a few nice size kids ! Looks like the numbers will be up also. Its been a long road in 6A with just 40-45 kids ! Looks like they will have over 60 this year. With Bradly back he should have a big year. Good luck Jags.
  8. Good move for Cooper, this will give them an idea of what they got this year! I think Cooper will turn some heads this year.
  9. TOG. Dont mean to come off mean but as a father and a fan, I have heard this stuff all football season. Just get a little upset when Cooper does something good and people down it bye saying things like it's only freeshman or as in football ( why is Cooper playing in small Div. ) thats all . Sorry if I over reacted.
  10. Maniacci did start when they played Holmes not sure the reason but I think it was for his 6'6" body. I think mainly to try and stop Holmes under the net.
  11. I have seen CC play! Your the one crying about kids playing frosh and being on varsity roster. And yes I think the stripes were bad in this game, both sides got some bad calls.
  12. Would this even have been brought up if CC won the game ? I dont care if it is 4th grade ball game you going to cheer your kids on! All three of these kids have played freshman all year but you bring it up after they start a tourney. CC fans hade no problem going nuts when they beat Cooper in over time as I recall in reg. season.
  13. I think it was a great game to watch! Last time they played game went into over time. CC came back to win and was much like this one. Good game bye both teams. One thing did surprise me is that #4 of CC didnt play more or start, he is one of the best ball handlers ive seen at fresh level !
  14. Yes they will as far as I know. I cant see them staying in small Div.
  15. Cooper looks like they may have a good one!
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