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  1. The Last meeting between Murray and O Cath 2008 Murray Won 16-14 and never threw the Ball any.
  2. Last week it was Murray hadnt played anyone now, we have a weak Secondary what will it be next from the FC Fans
  3. Everyone complaines about Murrays week schedules they play 5a 4a and have won, if i recall in the last two years we have beaten O-Cath at there place and took FC to the wire for the Regional Championship,You refur to the schedule as week well it is because we didnt know if we would go back to 1a or stay 2a due to enrollment ,contracts already being signed and a new coach,this is the TRUE STORY.
  4. Murray High still runs it very successful behind that big O-Line that averages 280Lbs. per linemen.
  5. When will those becomeing out?
  6. What all are MNH returning and ther expected record?
  7. Murray returns 4 OL and all ther DL complete stable of runningbacks both QBs they will be just as strong into the regular season and deep into the playoffs as they were last year.
  8. FC Murray DeSales Moroe Green Corbin NCC O Cath Bardstown P-Burg
  9. How many are you guys returning next season?
  10. We will lose 4 on Defense, and 3 on Offense. We will be returning about 15 ex players.
  11. When why did we wait until the championship to name them.
  12. Why is Murray so low when they were the only team to score the most points on FC in the playoffs. They took them to the wire look at the numbers yards and the other stats. Also the game was decided in the last 14.8 seconds .Why no love for Murray.
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