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  1. Time for a coaching change at Highlands. Love the staff as people, but they have been provided ample opportunities to succeed, and have done less than average over many years. State championship or move on in my opinion. Congrats to SK.
  2. Derek Smith was ranked as a top 50 overall recruit in the country. I don't know much about Mayer, but we will see if he gets ranked near that level.
  3. Yes it would be difficult, but grabbing a facemask wouldn't, or knowing good well that you committed a personal foul and taunting immediatly after. My purposal is separating unnecessary roughness or other personal foul, with taunting. They already have the 2 unsportsmanlike ejection.
  4. Gotcha. I think the rule is a bad rule then. If there is a live penalty. All 11 players can taunt and it is still penalized the same. What stops another Steeler during that play from taking another unnecessary roughness before the whistle? By the way this was ruled, it is as if you can only mark 1 penalty off as long as it is a live ball. So if you see roughing the passer, why not taunt, hit people out of the play, blindside hit, clip, facemask, and chop block everyone before the whistle? If the rule was enforced correctly I am not mad at the refs, I am mad at the rule.
  5. I am one that seems to know the rules well, but something happened in the Bengals Steelers Monday game. The illegal hit Juju Smith-Schuster put on Burfict. There was a live ball unnecessary roughness(live ball penalty), then an after the whistle taunting (dead ball penalty). Rewind. Back to the playoff game with the same teams on 1/9/16. Burfict made an illegal hit on Antonio Brown, then Pacman Jones got a personal foul after the play. The difference that I noticed is that the game Monday night, only 1 penalty was enforced. However in 2016 BOTH penalties were enforced (30 yards instead of 15). Both situations had a live ball penalty, and a dead ball penalty. Why was only 1 enforced in 2017, and both enforced in 2016?
  6. Gross. I am waiting to see hope for Highlands future. Right now, it doesn't look very bright.
  7. That was part of the reason of my original post, Highlands has now fallen to the point of rushing the field for Campbell County. The reason the students weren't involved because those years the games were not competitive in a good way. I would rather see wins by those healthy margins, AND student involvement. They are not mutually exclusive.
  8. Granted it is a bunch of high schoolers, but when you are 53-9 against a team, that doesn't seem to warrant field rushing. Again, I am happy for the win, but expectations are high in Ft. Thomas.
  9. Saw a picture of Highlands students rushing the field. Happy for the win, BUT that should not happen in this circumstance.
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