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  1. You can do so if your parent is an empoyee of that school district
  2. I'm chill, if I'm not mistaken your post read, "the top freshman in NKY". Don't get an attitude because I post something IMO....It's hard to say someone is the best unless you have seen all the rest...
  3. I'm curious how you can say he is the top freshman in NKY..Have you been to all the Frosh, Jv, and Varsity games to watch all the freshman. Yes, he is a pretty good freshman, but there are alot others out there that play at schools where they may not get a chance to play varsity as an 8th grader or as an freshman...
  4. As I recall, it was not 5+ minutes maybe 2 to 3. What was the issue anyway? So, are you saying that Teegarden got away with something that Dunn did not?
  5. I also agree, I was very suprised the JV tourney game was not given first priority.
  6. Let's be serious, how could they say NO????The paychecks and buses would stop coming...
  7. Ryle defeats Campbell Boone defeats Cooper
  8. Yeah, there had to be something to cause this to happen. Does anyone know anything about the school he chose to transfer to?
  9. Do you know that he wans't going to play at WKU? I thought he played some as a freshman as a walk-on? My thinking is, if the schools gives a player a full scholarship, they probably have that player in their plans for the future.
  10. He earns a full scholarship, then decides to leave for a team that was 3-23 last year?..Good luck to him.
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