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  1. Add me to the list of sporting the knee highs growing up...I wore them idolizing the pros, IMO High Socks looks more professional rather than unprofessional...I also had this idea growing up that High Socks meant that someone was fast on the bases lol...I just never felt right if I didn't have my socks pulled up to my knees and actually baseball started with the knee highs so idk it can be a high school look
  2. I think Simpson will be a stud safety...He still has 4 years to get better and it sounds like he is already turning heads...another thing is people really underestimate his speed...
  3. Didn't UK also have a walk on from Holmes...I think either a DB or WR...
  4. I personally think BP will have no problem getting a nice deal somewhere should the Reds not be willing to give it to him..Off the top of my head Dodgers, Mets, Tigers, Cardinals are all teams that would've willing to pay BP
  5. You can't argue the fact that he is a top 5 2nd baseman every year when all is said and done!
  6. Okay there is some confusion about my post it reads in my mind that Harrellson, Lamb, Jones and knight would be first founders while liggins and miller have a chance to be drafted in round two...anyone would be crazy to think knight and jones wouldn't go in the first
  7. Harrellson, Lamb, Knight, Jones and Miller and Liggins should be second round picks...and then Kanter
  8. He is the type of player that takes teams like Butler and VCU to the final four by the time they are seniors...For example Shelvin Mack even though he and Gray are different types of players...He could also play at NKU but they always miss on the Holmes kids...
  9. :thumb:People need to chill everyone knows Kemba is a beast and UK still has a ways to go but that's why the tread title says if it happens...Have some confidence in your team:thumb: i'll it would be the first one I can really remember and with the whole enes situation where nobody gave UK a chance after him being ineligable it would be the sweetest for me...As for the game im not worried about Kemba Liggins is going to take him out of the game for the most part im more worried about Lamb and who's going to stop him...Kemba isn't why Uconn has become so tuff lately its Lamb stepping up and becoming a threat that makes Uconn so tuff
  10. Gray is a late bloomer and would be a steal at a low level D1after redshirting his freshman year imo
  11. I've heard from a former Birdie with ties now to SK that the Neers will have a legit squad this year and the post Lawrence era is looking bright...
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