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  1. No, he was there in the 7 th grade. He played with the 8 th graders.
  2. Markel has been at HC since the 7th grade.
  3. Ther is no way Holy Cross or Beechwood should be in the same district as Holmes or Covcath. It is hard to compete when 2 schools have 500 boys to choose from and the other 2 (HC & BW) have what200 or so to choose from. They can't compete on a yearly basis.
  4. They lost 5 seniors last year including 9th region player of the year runner up and they seemed to do ok this year! They will still be competitive as always. Just maybe not top 5 as the past 2 years!
  5. I agree. Saw him play in the East West all star game with all these players and he scored around 16 points which had to be one of the top scorers in the game.
  6. Dontel Rice and Jake Burger represented the 9th region well. Each one scoring around 15-20 points!
  7. Does any one have the rosters for this game being played tommorow night at Transylvania ?
  8. I agreed with your top seven players being the best in the 9th region. i just wanted to see each ones stats because each one does something better than the other. I dont think the kid from Latin,or Belvue,or any other players are as good as these top seven even though they may have better stats. i have seen all seven of these players play more than once. You have one point guard, two 2 guards, two centers, and two forwards. Some dribble better,some shoot better, some pass better, some rebound better, and some defend better.They all are very good and the best of this year.
  9. I also said what there teams have accomplished so far this year!!!!
  10. I would like to see stats, scoring avg, rebounds,assist, steals and field goal pct on each one. Then let's look at team records and what their teams have accomplished so far to date. All of these mentioned are very fine players. I think it will depend on how far each leads their team thru the districts and regionals.
  11. 9th Region: Dixie Heights, Cov. Holy Cross 1-2 Posted by Mike Fields on February 14, 2012 Brandon Hatton leads Dixie Heights as it seeks to repeat as 9th Region champ. As the regular season winds down, we’re taking a look at the boys’ favorites in each of the 16 regions: Defending 9th Region champion Dixie Heights is rated No. 1 in the 9th Region by Dave Cantrall, but right on the Colonels’ heels is Covington Holy Cross, which captured the All “A” title a couple weeks ago. Dixie Heights (17-8) is led by sophomore star Brandon Hatton (19 ppg, 81% free-throw shooting), who’s already closing in on the school’s all-time scoring mark. Parker Stansberry (13 ppg, 7 rpg) and Jordan Hassel (9 ppg) were also key players last season and bring leadership and experience to Coach Ken Chevalier’s team. Holy Cross won the All “A” on Jake Burger’s last-second three-pointer against Bardstown, and Coach Erik Goetz’s Indians have maintained their momentum. They’re on a 13-game winning streak. Burger, a senior guard, averages 23 points. He’s complemented on the inside by 6-8 junior Antonio Campbell, who averages 18 points and 12 rebounds. Covington Catholic, rated third in the region, is led by sophomore guard Nick Ruthsatz, who averages 18 points and is shooting 80 from the foul line. Dave Cantrall’s 9th Region top 5 1.Dixie Heights (17-8) 2.Covington Holy Cross (27-2) 3.Covington Catholic (16-10) 4.Holmes (19-6) 5.Newport Central Catholic (17-7) http://fieldsnotes.bloginky.com/
  12. I assume you mean Hatton who is also a very special player. But after watching both play this year. I think Ruthsatz makes everyone around him better because he is a better passer when he breaks down the defense ans can still shoot the three. Hatton does not pass as well and with the talent he has around him, he should average 6-8 assist a game. I saw one game he touched the ball 6 times and shot it 6 straight times and teamates were wide open for shots. Both are very nice players.
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