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Most shocking TV plot twists


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Been having fun following some of the other movie/tv lists, so thought I'd toss this one into the mix.


Which series/episode did the writers give you a "What the....?" moment?


My top three all involved the death of a character. In no particular order...


M*A*S*H - Colonel Henry Blake is being discharged and sent home. Happy time right? I remember actually crying when Radar came into the OR and read the notice that his plane had been shot down. Certainly not what you expect from a comedy show.


24 - Season finale (last hour) - Not only do we find out the Nina Myers is the mole inside TCU (which was somewhat of a surprise in itself) but she ends up killing Jack's wife (after Teri had spent nearly the entire year surviving the kidnapping). To me it really set the stage for the remainder of the series, that nothing was off guard.


NCIS - Season 2 finale - Kate ends up taking a bullet for Gibbs, but we find out she was wearing vest and survived the shooting. And just when you let your breath out in relief...she takes one to the forehead. No coming back from that.

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