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UK Ranked 30th In Massey's BCS ratings


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Not too bad. Imagine where they could be with wins the next two weeks.


Massey Ratings


1 Michigan

2 Rutgers


4 Notre Dame

5 Florida

6 Ohio St

7 Arkansas

8 Louisville

9 Wisconsin

10 California

11 West Virginia

12 Boise St

13 Auburn

14 LSU

15 Tennessee

16 Georgia Tech

17 Wake Forest

18 Oregon

19 Maryland

20 Oregon St

21 Texas

22 Boston College

23 Oklahoma

24 Virginia Tech

25 Clemson

26 Penn St

27 Washington St

28 Arizona St

29 Navy

30 Kentucky

31 Arizona

32 Nebraska


34 Brigham Young

35 Georgia

36 South Carolina

37 Missouri

38 Minnesota

39 Texas A&M

40 C Michigan

41 Purdue

42 Kansas St

43 Tulsa

44 Washington

45 TCU

46 Iowa

47 South Florida

48 Hawaii

49 Cincinnati

50 Massachusetts

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Someone asked on another thread where UK would go bowling.


Several teams ranked close to the Cats would make for an entertaining and well attended game - Penn State, Nebraska, Va Tech come to mind.


If UC qualified, a UC-UK matchup would be interesting.

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This helps both UK and UL to see them both getting points. It helps both schools SOS and when is the last time they helped each other? Good to see!!!


I am confused on Ohio State, .. I would assume that when, .... er I mean IF they beat Michigan that they should jump up considerably.


If I am not missing anyone, UK has 6 of the top 36 teams in this ranking on their schedule (UL, LSU, UT, UGA, USC, & UF). That really helps their SOS.

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Awesome..this really helps Louisville...this week should help as well.



I think the computers do a better job of looking at strength of schedule than the voters do. Louisville's problem is not with the computers--its with the humans that vote in the polls. But, given the fact that a strong UK finish might help the Cards,


ON, ON, U of K! da da da da da da da dum!

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If I had posted before the season that Kentucky would at any point be ranked ahead of Nebraska, BYU, Georgia, Texas A&M, Kansas ST. & Washington, in any poll or computer ranking what would the reaction have been?


Granted, this is just one ranking system, and we have to just take it for what it is. No need for us (UK fans) to go around thumping our chests or making challenges, but I think we can celebrate this in a a small way.


This is another indicator that UK is taking baby steps in the right direction. (OK, maybe big boy steps)

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