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  1. 347 yards? Nice night for the kid.
  2. On a pick 6, Wow....I bet that was one hell of a game to watch.
  3. As did I. But I didn't think Harlan Co. would stumble down the stretch like they did
  4. Think so? Bell broke three plays of 65+ yards. I wouldn't say expected. Harlan shot themselves in the foot.
  5. Well, If i had a radio that worked. I'm 1000% sure I could pick up 105.1
  6. I can't get the links to work either. Pretty sad I live in Harlan and can't pick up the station on my radio.
  7. I'd say pretty close to what Marcus McMillian will have.
  8. I really don't have a problem with it. If the kids wanna wear them, I'm fine with it. School colors or not, This teams only tradition is getting beat down by every SEC team every weekend. You have to start somewhere. And people that claim that it had no effect on recruits, Obviously never played sports. We all wanted to look good.
  9. What were the stats for Harris in that game GS? Serious question, I really don't know.
  10. I listen to him to him when I can.. I really enjoy his show but I don't always agree with him, But I've learned a lot. Anyone else listen to him?
  11. The deal with racing ending early is crazy.. I'm 100% sure that Nascar has a huge following, And football doesn't hurt the numbers. I have my season tickets for Bristol baby! Anyone from BGP going?
  12. I wanted to go to the race, But my girls birthday is the 10th, I'll do bristol in March and August....Which I'm sure is 100x better
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