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Two very good Netflix recommendations

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"The Five" - Twenty years after 5-year-old Jesse disappears near his home, his DNA turns up at the scene of a woman's murder, baffling his family and the police.


"Safe" - After his teenage daughter goes missing, a widowed surgeon in an affluent neighborhood begins unearthing dark secrets about the people closest to him.


Both are British thrillers created by one of my favorite authors, Harlan Coben. "Safe" just came out & stars Michael C. Hall. I highly recommend both.

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Started "Safe" a few days ago, and I'm halfway through. Usually not a fan of British TV, but I really like it so far.

Typical Harlan Coben. Lots of foreshadowing throughout. After I watched it until the end, I enjoyed the option to go back and watch parts where I was maybe not following along as closely and missed the cues.

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