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  1. Riverlink started sending me a bill back in April for everyday crossing both ways on the toll bridge out of Louisville to Indiana. The pic was of 97-03 f150, plate number was not mine. I called them and after finally getting thru to someone, this the response I got: "Sir, we get our plate information from the state the occurrence took place in. We have no control over them giving us incorrect info, you will have to deal with them to correct this situation." The plate number came back to something in Jefferson county. I live in Campbell county, have never had that plate number or that type of truck in my name. They kept billing me for 4 months said I owed, $600+ in bridge tolls. I sent them the owner's name and address of the vehicle in question, they never responded. Then I got a let from them starting that the state would be revoking my registration for this vehicle for non payment. So I sent them a not so nice email and lettter saying how ignorant they are and that I got my info from the state of KY, so they made a mistake not the state. Told them to revoke that plate, wasnt mine anyway. After 2 more bills (total of 18) they stopped coming. Never heard from them again.....
  2. Not enough info here for sure. But even if the coach did tell him to strip to his underwear and walk back to the locker room a half mile away, in what world does that constitute a lawsuit? Maybe some people need to lose their jobs, but the family and the kid do not deserve money for this!
  3. I dealt with Doug Evans long before he got big and Rich. Different person back then. I always said the money and fame got to his head. On another note, don't any of you think for one minute that he is the only one out there that has and is doing this.
  4. Maybe he's just tired of all the garbage dealing with employees and other things that go along with being self employed ,and owner of a restaurant dealing with the general public. And now dealing with this ignorance and the media on top of it. Trust me, enough to make anyone quit.
  5. That is good stuff for sure.
  6. Any of the Chevy commercials that start with " these are not actors, these are real people".
  7. I also watched this movie. Just enough suspense and action to keep you interested then the dumbest ending have seen in a while! Just horrible considering the name of the movie....
  8. Only 6 freshman, 2 of which never saw the floor and 1 with limited minutes. Two soph that were good both went to the nba that year. Juniors that may not have been great players but provided much leadership. I can say this because my son and I spent 2 days with this team and even teague, davis and gilchrist looked to the ones above them for advice and guidance. Without Miller I don't believe that team would have succeeded like they did. They all really clicked and worked well together and that is something that hasn't happened since in my opinion.
  9. Just asking, how many teams have every one a championship starting 5 freshman? Even 4 and soph? The 2012 team had some good upper classmen. No team since then has had the experience that I believe is needed to come thru at tournament time. This is just my opinion as was my first post. But until they win it again I'll stick with what I'm saying. Remember the team that had 2 platoons? Easily on paper the best in the feild. Did not win it.
  10. 1: Not only do I think they won't win it this year, I don't think they ever win another championship until they quit recruiting the one and done players. No feeling change from me about Calipari either way.
  11. For my 40th birthday (5 years ago) family took me too Walt's Htchin Post. I had the ribs and we had about one of everything on the menu. There ribs were not even close to great, average at best. Nothing there impressed me at all. Should have just cooked at home! That being said, I know it's everyone's opinion. But I rarely eat at a place that impresses me.
  12. I used to be the property manager at the Alexandria Village Greene shopping center. Since the latest owners too over things have changed for the worse. It started out like they wanted to fix the place up and make it better then it all went downhill. I can tell you this for sure, if a big national retail store wanted County Markets space, when the lease was up like it is, owners would have jacked the rent out of their reach and forced them out. New tenant commits to 5 year contract paying a lot more and that's how it goes. Corporate ways. So rent gets raised, no one in family wants to take over, profits down, it's time to go. Just hate to see it.
  13. Three businesses in Alexandria closing their doors in a two month period. A long time food favorite of mine and many others closed it's doors a couple weeks ago. Gold Star Chili gone. A sign that says- "New location coming in 2019" But with a new owner, new location, and a new building, it will never be the same! Sonic closed last week suddenly. Can't say the food was ever great but loved the ice cream and slushes. And like Gold Star, County Market is closing it's doors soon after serving the people of A-Town for over thirty years.
  14. I'm wondering if they police knew about the tunnels for the creek. I never saw a police car on my street and he could have made it here in half hour or less running on adrenaline.
  15. This happened a half mile from my house. I know this whole area pretty well and I can tell you if this guy was fit he could have easily made his way to the creek at low gap Rd and went either way as their is a tunnel under 27 for the creek and under the AA going the other way. Lowgap Rd, the AA, and 27 create a triangle here. I'll garuntee there were not enough police to monitor all the roadways surrounding him, let alone some other ways out. If he crossed lowgap headed south he would have been in one of my neighbors or my back yard eventually. I stayed home longer that morning to see if he came my way. Also I'm sure this was not an act pulled off alone. I'm betting someone picked him up and got him out of here.
  16. #99

    Bald Eagles

    On the beach in South Haven Michigan couple weeks ago. The birds (gulls) that gather waiting for you to drop food or feed them were out in the hundreds as usual. Then all of the sudden they all took flight and headed out over lake Michigan. Not a single bird left on the beach. Then we saw what scared them away. Big beautiful bald Eagle flying South about 40 ft off the ground. It flew directly over us then landed in a tree just south of where the beach ended. Within a minute all the gulls came back.
  17. In almost all cases, the key is the word "threat". Most laws allow anyone to defend their self if there is a threat toward you or someone from someone else. But then you have to look to see what the law says is a viable threat. Most laws will say that once the aggressor has backed off, the immediate threat is over there for self defense does not apply. But Florida has long been known for laws that don't make total sense! I used to live there as a teenager, and remember some of those laws all to well. Lol
  18. What if we knew.... Who made who?
  19. No problem, if everyone liked the same kind of music we would only have a few singers and bands in the world....
  20. Disturbed singing -Sound of silence . Song has been recorded over 90 times by different artist, I think Disturbed does it better than anyone. Including the original. Tom Jones- Green Green Grass Of Home. Recorded by others before him after the original, Tom by far the best!
  21. Blacks or black people have the same meaning to me. The same as we call people Jews. Or Asians. Or as some of you call native Americans- "Indians"
  22. you know ,TheDuece, there are a lot of times I agree with you on many different things. There are times we don't, usually when it comes to something about racism. But it seems to me that on these topics of something that has to do with racism that you just look for an argument. Back to topic, I don't know enough about the "Papa" to have an opinion on the man himself.
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