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  1. Anyone do ps vue? If so, how do you like it? What device do you access it on...like Roku, amazon fire, etc? How fast does it take to start watching a channel from the moment you turn on the equipment? What about the cloud dvr? What else can you say about it?
  2. I know you know it all guys will say it has nothing to do with it, but when I saw the duke players standing in the hallway poised and quiet vs the uk players dancing around, it struck me as focused vs not focused.
  3. Thought outside shooting was going to be a strength this year?
  4. So after 45 minutes on the phone with spectrum reps today after my monthly bill for cable, internet, and home phone went from $197 to $212 after the yearly promo expired, I found this out: all twc customers kept their twc package after spectrum bought it out. If you want to make changes, you have to go with spectrums packages. Their best package deal for me is $223! When I look up their pricing online for the same thing it’s 173. They said that is for new or returning customers and I can’t get that price. I explained that I’ve been looking into other options for cable and am going to do some of the free trials to see what works best, then asked for the price of just internet and phone with no cable. She quoted it at $90 a month. If I package that with the ps vue $50 service, I go from $212 to $140. It will take the expense of buying 2 Roku elite boxes, but target will have them for $50 after thanksgiving. Shoot, ps vue allows you to stream up to 5 devices at once and have 5 cloud dvr profiles, so I could split the $50 monthly cost with my son who now has his own house and spectrum will lose another cable customer.....I really hope ps vue works great on Roku! I know streaming won’t be as convenient to watch as cable, but for a $850+ yearly savings I might be worth it. We already have Roku on 2 TVs and use the spectrum app and it isn’t that bad to use. We might lose a couple stations we sometimes watch but oh well. Losing the outdoors channel will hit me hard but I’ll have to find some other access to uncle ted and the gang.
  5. Looks like uga is respecting the uk pass game so far as the o line seems to be making some good holes for Benny
  6. Just made the same post...great minds think alike!
  7. What’s the saying? Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.....look this up in the dictionary and there will be a picture of Gran next to the entry.
  8. Guy downfield at the bottom of the screen was wide open....
  9. Come on cats...we’re better than this....well, maybe not our off coord.......
  10. I went from about 17 tricksters to 11 this year due to the weather.
  11. I think the guys made the wrong choice....should have kept Lyra. Angelina seems like she’ll be gone at the merge, which I bet is next week. You can’t continue with a tribe of 3
  12. Ps vue has the discovery, hgtv, etc channels.....! May have to try it out and then see what will happen to my spectrum bill if I dump their triple play plan and go with just internet or internet/home phone. The other thing that may a cord cutting killer is the speed of my internet. My current plan says “up to 100mbps”. Last I tested it is more like 80mbps. Running 2 TVs with Roku through WiFi and then 2 computers or iPads all at the same time may tax the WiFi.
  13. I said when they hired him that it was a boneheaded move....thought they were smarter than that. If the bengals get rid of someone, why would another nfl team hire them?
  14. I looked into the discovery suite of programs (hgtv, etc) and to watch them on the internet, you have to have a cable or satellite account. That stinks if you are trying to cut the cord from spectrum......why are they in the bed of cable?
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