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  1. This really surprised me. @henry any comment on the defense? I wasn’t at the game
  2. I said rent or car payment but if it was for purely enjoyment I said I would enjoy a true date night with my wife like when we first started dating. Never have time anymore for that
  3. A friend recently asked me this question: if you had an extra hundred dollars to spend on yourself each week, what would you buy/do with it and why?
  4. I would anticipate Coach Meadows will have a similar plan in place that Coach Weinrich did last week to control the speedy QB. You do that, and IMO you win the game. I’ll take the guys on the hill.
  5. I 100% respect the right of personal choice but open enrollment kills some schools. All you have to do is look at NKY at in Kenton Co. Scott and Dixie are suffering at the hands of open enrollment. I worry that BS and HC in Lexington would suffer under open enrollment... just my two cents. Sorry if I got us off topic.
  6. You can’t possibly be serious? Development of a player by a coach is why you see players go from a nobody as a freshman or sophomore and into a player as a junior or senior. Does maturity/physically growing have some to do with that? Yes. But to say that position coaches don’t develop players is absolutely absurd. I don’t care how good or physically gifted you are, you need development to be successful. All you have to do is look at guys who were the best middle schools players or freshman players or high school players that were not successful because all they did was rely on their given talent.
  7. Can anyone tell us how many players Manual has on their roster?
  8. Something tells me you sleep on the couch after a meal like that haha
  9. I’ll get drilled for this but I’ve never understood the obsession with goetta. Not bad, but nothing special in my eyes. Gimme all da bacon!
  10. In business would you slow down if you’re making a lot of money? Would you tell your investors “it’s just too easy, we’re going to slow down so the competition can feel good about themselves”? People for the last few years have piled on hhs whenever they had the opportunity. Now, they show some true signs of getting back to themselves, and the haters come saying they’re classless... damned if they do, damned it they don’t.
  11. He played a handful of plays on Friday. He played only a handful of plays on Monday. What do you want the staff to do? He just came back from an injury not too long ago and needs reps. And your guess about having plenty of backs is wrong, the only sophomore RB is Buten. Mason South, who was a RB is playing all defense. The other RB last night was Boling. I guess me expecting adults to know what they’re talking about before they attack a young man and a staff they should know more. Silly me.
  12. The last few games Cooper has played a 3 man front against HHS. It wouldn’t surprise me to see that again. Looked more like a 3-4 with their safeties coming down hill very hard and making plays at or near the LOS. Just something for those at the game to look for.
  13. I am in the boat saying that Walt’s is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it. I wish I could get there more often but the couples my wife and I go out with usually want to go have drinks after and there isn’t much around so we end up downtown for dinner and drinks drinks.
  14. In a different thread there was a lot of talk about whether or not Panera was overrated. In your opinion what is the most overrated restaurant and why? Please explain why!
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