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Cooper 35 Newport Central Catholic 0

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Turf not ready.


Decent win for Cooper have some issues to fix. NCC playing a little dirty tonight.


No dirtier than Cooper with the multiple block in the backs that weren't called. Good win for Cooper, they will be battle tested next week with Bryan Station for sure.

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I think there is a misconception about this Jags team.


I will repeat what I said all

off-season and reiterate it here. Coopers strong suit is their defense.

I Think there are

too many proe on here who think

if Cooper doesn't put up 50 Pts since beating Highlands then they aren't as good as people

thought. That is not Coopers style. They will never be a team to put running clocks on a lot of



Earlier during the the update thread someone asked after Highlands took the lead on CC and at that time in the 1st qtr of Coopers game

the jags were only up 7-0 and a fan asked because of the CC HHS score if maybe Cooper was 't as good as they looked last week.


Cooper defense was was still shutting out a team. It's defense folks which sets Cooper apart this early, not all flash on offense. Offense they will wear you down up front so hopefully by the second half they can move the ball. Defense is how this team will win and how they stopped HHS last week.


So so don't be fooled because Cooper only scored 35 Pts tonight. Look at how many points they held

the opposing offense too. So far after 2 games they have held the opposing offenses to only 1 TD.


Its defense folks, don't be fooled or judge the team on their offensive output.

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