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  1. There were no JV players on that court today. Don't lose credibility making ignorant statements like that.
  2. One other side note - it is a very different feeling to be on the other side of a stud transfer. Usually people hate us (SC) for that. This year we have a bunch of home grown kids. I was really hoping they'd cut the nets.
  3. Bowling Green is really, really good. They earned that victory today. I don't remember the last time a team got 18 offensive rebounds against Scott Co. The 8th grader never flinched at all under some pretty solid pressure from Williams and Covington. Most PGs we play eventually wear down and make some mistakes. He was under control the whole time. I don't remember a better 8th grader. We couldn't keep the other guard out of the lane either. The bigs whipped us on the board and finished well. And Scott Co shot 0 free throws in the first half for one reason - BG guard your tail off without fouling. And with all that we cut it to 1 in the midst of the 4th but didn't have enough in the tank to get the win. Kudos to BG. Good luck moving forward. Heck of a season for my Cards. We lose 1 senior - Cooper Watts. We'll be back.
  4. Big talk from Cobra Starship. I like it. Don't sleep on the Cards, these kids can play.
  5. I'll be there. Wish it was an evening game for a prime time feel, but it's worth taking off work to see these two battle. Go Cards
  6. Ohmer is fun to watch. I agree with the person above who noticed how well he follows his own shot and gets offensive stick backs that way. He is deceptively quick and can score in a lot of different ways. Cumberland is getting a really good player.
  7. Cards took a half to get it going but then the swarming defense (and the inside game of Moreno and Watts) kicked in gear. Cooper Robb is fun to watch. Scott Co didn't even trap much tonight - just straight up man to man, physical, in your face defense. Go Cards!
  8. Mike Allen is good at getting jobs, not so great at keeping them.... Creek isn't an easy place to win. Hope they find a quality replacement.
  9. Scott Co is really playing well right now. Lots of contributions from lots of kids. Robb and Moreno are absolute studs but the others are very good as well. I haven't seen Pulaski so they may be great too, but they're going to have to be to knock off the Cards.
  10. It shouldn't have been this close, but Scott Co missed 16 free throws.
  11. Scott Co played great Defense. In the first half Lex Cath took 14 shots and had 13 turnovers. Lorenzo Williams and Cooper Robb disrupted the Catholic offense on almost every trip. Moreno is a beast. Good luck to Scott Co at Rupp!
  12. Pouncey was a good player at Holmes. Now a very good ref. Does a lot of college games but I think he still does 9th region high school too.
  13. Congratulations to Coach Wilson and Woodford Co!
  14. That's some serious shooting. How many Govers are there in Pulaski Co? lol.
  15. If there are exceptions are you really against the death penalty?
  16. I'm all for replay, appeals, etc. The important thing is to get it right. If you have the information to get it right, use it. This "human error is part of the game" is crap. Get it right.
  17. My brother is getting ready to head to Turkey with his family to do mission work. His wife said her main reason for going is that many in Turkey have never heard the gospel and are going to Hell. I've done minimal research but can't find many scripture references that say that those who have never heard are condemned. I've heard of "age of accountability" somewhere along the way in my life. Any BGPers want to share the theology that would support or refute this? Hard for me to wrap my head around people who have never heard the Good News being held accountable. I'd think we as Christians might be held responsible for not following the great commission and taking the gospel to all nations... Thoughts?
  18. Let him in the general population and get it overwith. Save the taxpayer $$$. #ProDeathPenalty #DoesntDeserveToLive
  19. I called it in the updates thread. Let Lafayette score quick, get the ball back with enough time to score and then go for two. It sounds like Scott Co would have scored easily if the first snap had been live. That's a tough pill to swallow. The other complaint in seeing on social media from Scott Co fans is that the play at the end of the first half should have been a touchdown. Refs called it short. Lots of second guessing after a loss that close. Nature of the beast. I wasn't there.... So I just say congrats to Lafayette. Good luck against Trinity.
  20. Ouch. That hurts. I may have kicked it if my best trick play had been exposed in that scenario.
  21. The new education czar being pretty much anti public school could change some things in my life.
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